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Ellen’s POV

I arrived early in the morning in London and got a very flash taxi to my apartment building, when I got up there and unlocked my door I was pleasantly surprised, it was beautiful if you overlook all the boxers that were sent here only a matter of weeks ago, the open plan only distracted my stifled glass penal dividing the bedroom, and also the main room bathroom, I walked into the bedroom a massive bed already present then a beautiful open on suite bathroom on a small deck above the bedroom floor. I go back into the main room observing the things I have only seen in pictures, im glad I got it furnished because I would have no idea what to fill the place with. When I was young I could only wish for a place this amazing and now I have it and in an open plan it’s even better.

(If you don’t know what an ‘Open Plan’ is, it’s an apartment/flat that has different rooms but no walls dividing them, sometimes they have distorted glass penal for some privacy in the bathroom but that’s pretty much it, all the other places in the apartment/flat can be seen from anywhere, unlike this one where the is glass also dividing the bedroom.)

I leave my suit case and bag in the living room and go back into the bedroom collapsing on the bed and not even remembering anything as I fall into unconsciousness.

Next day

I sit in the lounge room and start unpacking some boxers, finding my dock early on and plugging my phone in, siting it on the kitchen counter while I place things in there new places. After a few hours most the boxers are unpacked, I feel how hungry I actually am as I hear and feel it rumble, I thank god I had already transferred my money and the letter was sitting on the bench with my new card. I leave the apartment with the keys to the car my parent got me and the key to the apartment, the elephant key ring attached, im not sure if because it’s a memory but I don’t think I am going to take it off, I head to the elevator and hit the garage level going all the way down. I continuously press the button on my keys, knowing it is a Nissan just not what kind, soon I hear a beep of a car unlocking and press the lock button hearing it lock and seeing a light flash I look around and press the unlock button to see a white 370Z flash, I almost squeal with excitement and make my way towards it, brushing my fingers over the bonnet before opening the door and dropping in.

I look at the peace of paper in the middle which has a four digit code on it for the gate, I start the car and head towards the ramp, the gate automatically opening and I head out onto the London streets. I shop for a while after eating a late breakfast and go back to the apartment with heaps and heaps of bags mostly full off food and living martials like cutlery, cups, plates and bowls, I got a heap of towels and was really excited to have the place finished, after about an hour of listening to music from my dock and unpacking there was a knock at the door, I walked towards it and opened it to find a brown haired, brown eyes boy standing in front of me, I smile up at him.

“Hi.” I greet.

“Hey, ah, I’m Liam, I live across the hall.” He points to the door across from us.

“Im Ellen, nice to meet you.” I smile and take his out starched hand, shaking it lightly, “How many people live on this floor?” I ask.

“Just us, two to every floor.” I nod, kind of thankful, “Your Australia.” He states and I nod.

“How’d you guess?” we both laughed.

“I have a few mates over there at the moment.”

“Oh really, I hope there enjoying it.”

“I haven’t heard from them in like two months, the last time I heard they were.” I smile.

“That’s always good.” He nods.

“Well I will let you get back to whatever you were doing, if you need anything im just across the hall.” I smile, so does he, I thank him and close the door, im glad I don’t have an arsehole neighbour, I get back to placing everything then go out for the night and have some dinner at a small restaurant down the road.

Two days later

I had been researching gyms around the area, not sure what one to join, I know I might not have as much time anymore but it is always fun to go late at night, the apartment is pretty much finished, just a few things I need to go shopping for, I grab my phone and jacket and leave the apartment, as I lock the door I see Liam leave his, turned and facing the door as he locks it.

“Hi.” I greet as I press the button for the elevator.

“Good morning.” He smiles, “Where are you off too today? Doing more shopping?” I shake my head.

“No actually looking for a good gym.” I pause and look towards him, “Know of any?”

“I was actually heading to the gym now, it’s really close, I normally walk.”

“Really? Mind if I tag along?” he shakes him head as we step onto the elevator.

“Not at all.” We get to the ground leave and step out of the elevator and then out onto the street, we talk as we walk and I’ve made up my mind to join the gym Liam goes to, all he has to say about it is good so why not give it ago. When we get there he introduces me to the lady at the desk then leaves me to go in, while I am filling out my form the lady and I talk about me only just moving here and that im looking for a job, she tells me there’s an opening here but for a boxing trainer, I know how to box but I don’t think I would make a good trainer, I let her know I would think about it and she put a few things into the darter base before I payed for the member ship and went back to the apartment. I’m starting at the school tomorrow; thankfully it isn’t like high school and starts at eleven, so I get a sleep in, I had Skype called Tegan and Claudia all night, they skipped school for the video chat and eventually I got too tired to continue the call and went to bed, I had showed them the apartment and they said they loved it, I met the lady on the first floor also, she was extremely nice and had a cat and dog, the dog was a bit big for an apartment but she said she was only watching him for a few days, I collapsed onto the lounge and flicked on the TV, im going to have to get us to hearing British accents on my TV.

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