Episode 7 Comment Challenge

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It's time for this week's comment challenge! Here's your task... 

We would like you to write us a story about an unusual gift you receive in the post. The gift can be from Earth or from space, it's up to you. Think big and let your imagination run wild! And just to make it extra challenging, your stories must be told in 4 parts or less.

Leave us a comment and we'll feature a selection of stories on our profile.

Some thought starters:

- What is the gift?

- Who is it from?

- What's your reaction?

Submit your stories by Friday 23rd November at 11:59 GMT.

The eighth episode of the new series entitled 'The Witchfinders' will air Sunday 25th November!

And if you missed 'Kerblam!' or would like to watch it again, you can catch up with the current series On Demand at BBC iPlayer (UK) or BBC America (US). For other regions, visit doctorwho.tv/watch to find out where to catch up in your territory.

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