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Ellen’s POV

“Well it isn’t broken, a hair-line fracture, actually.” The lady tells us, I guess she’s a nurse, she’s wearing scrubs, “You’re going to need to where a sling for a month or two, until you’re comfortable with moving it around.”

“That’s it?” Harry asked, the lady nods.

“Hair-line fractures isn’t a brake, the bone hasn’t come out of place or been snapped in anyway, think of it as a crack in a glass.” I let out a small laugh the lady catching my eye and smiling before turning back to Harry who is giving me the biggest dirty look; Louis wraps an arm around my waist.

“Don’t laugh.” He whispers kissing my temple, the lady grabs a sling from under the counter, taking it out of the plastic before slowly and gently guiding Harry’s arms into the right position and fitting it to the right size; Harry jumps down off the bed and thanks the lady before we left.

“I think you owe me an apology.” I look at Louis before Harry.

“And whys that?” he gapes at me before pointing to his shoulder, “I don’t owe you anything, you deserved that, don’t call me a bitch.” We all get into Louis’ car and head towards my house, Louis walks me to my door like always, a quick kiss goodbye was shared and I enter my house, I greeted my mum and dad before retreating to my room, I stripped and put on pajamas before slipping into bed, I can’t believe I did what I did to Harry, I laugh to myself before turning my lamp off and pulling the covers up higher and soon drifting off to sleep.

Three weeks later

My family and I had packed the car with all my things, we were taking them to the postage place that were flying my things out to my apartment in London, I’ve let the girls know when im leaving, in exactly a months, this Sunday is my last shift at the restaurant so I have all my weekends to spend with my family and friends. Louis showed up shortly after and finished packing the left over things into my car, Louis and I got in after a while and my parents and brother the family car as we made our way to the postage place, once we arrived we were given a hand by a worker to get everything out of the car and tagged with my new address where it’s getting delivered too and all my contact details. Once we had finished we all headed towards my family’s house, my brother jumping in my car with Louis and I and my parents going in the other, I’ve decided to just sell my car over here, the people interested said eight thousand and that was two thousand more then what I was originally going to sell it for, we made a deal for three weeks from now so on my last week in Australia im without a car.

We greet my family and walk through the house and out the back where a bit more of my family were, we greeted them, Louis meeting them for the first time, in a way I know soon Louis and I are going to have to call it quits but I don’t want to till we really have too. “Ready to go out into the real world?” my pop asks as he sip from his XXXX gold (Four X Gold) I nod as I sip on my can of coke.

“A bit nervous but ready.” we get talking about the school and soon eat lunch, the younger ones getting bored so I offer to take them down to the creek, which they happily agree too, Louis and I hold hands as we walk down the street, Sofia, Estelle and Josh all running ahead, we soon got to the bush land and started walking down the trail, Josh a few meters ahead of everyone waving a stick around trying to rid the trail of spider webs, we get to a fork in the path and I know exactly the right one to go down to get to the creek faster but I let the younger ones chose, a short while later we arrive at the creek, the younger ones going off chasing lizards under the rocks while Louis and I sit by the streaming water and watch.

“When I was young, before soap and my cousins were even born or could walk, my uncles always brag me down here, he would bring a bag full of food and we would jump the creek, a bit further down where its thinner and sit on the other side in the shade and eat lunch while watching the birds drink front the water of the lizards scurry from rock to rock.” I smile at the memory, “I miss being there age and having everything be fun and new.”

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