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Everyone sat at the table while eating their pancakes. Hoshi and Mina would give each other a few glances then turn back to their food not knowing what to say.

Chenle and Jisung sat across from each other and would throw tiny pieces of food at each other. "Stop playing with your food" Ten glared at them. Dayum what a dad 😂

"Sorry" they said softly and Ten couldn't help but smile. He checked his watch and gave a cute pout. It was almost eleven a.m. and he had to go to work.

"I have to go!" He stood up briefly before hugging everyone and dashing to the garage. "Wait appa!" Everyone's eyes widened especially Hoshi who had said that. "I-I'm sorry um I just wanted to know where you're going" he blushed looking down embarrassed.

Ten smiled "I'm going to the coffee shop to work"

"Oh I want a Kpop! I mean cake pop" everyone laughed at Hoshi this time. "Oh shut up!" He poted and got up quickly. "Um I don't think so" Mark grabbed his wrist before he could go. "Cover your face with a mask, all of you when you go out" he looked at Ten and the siblings.
"Don't worry we'll be fine!" Mina rolled her eyes at Mr.Dramatic.

"Fine?! Mina we're WANTED! Our faces are on papers asking to bring us to the police station for a reward! That doesn't sound fine to me!" He stood up and so did Mina. "Mark ok I understand just don't yell-"

"ENOUGH!" He threw his plate across the room. Hoshi flinched and almost cried because of how delicious the pancakes were. "HOSHI STAY IN THIS HOUSE!" Mark yelled again. "Jisung I want you to go with Ten and make sure everyone and everything is safe" Mark rubbed his temples.

"Hyung" Renjun stood up. "I'll go as well" Mark looked at him and his face softened. He knew that Renjun wanted to stay away from Jaemin and Jeno so he decided not to say anything. He only nodded as he trudged to his room.

Renjun's sighed as he rushed to his room. Jaemin and Jeno looked at each other before Jaemin walked to Renjun's room.

Jaemin leaned on the doorframe with his arms crossed as Renjun was putting his shoes on while his back faced Jaemin. When he got up and turned around he jumped slightly. "Jaemin I'm so sorry" he sighed.

"You gave me a home, helped my family when we were desperate and became the bestest friend I or anyone can ever have, I sometimes called you brother on accident!" they both laughed. "And yet I became a jealous, greedy bitch and had your boyfriend cheat on me because we were horny fucks" he stared at his feet with tears brimming in the corner of his eyes.

"I agree with every single word you said" Jaemin stared at him coldly. "I'm sorry Jaemin" Renjun's tears fell down as arms snaked around him. "It's okay" Jaemin hugged him tighter as Renjun hugged him back.

"So are you and Jeno okay now?"

"Yeah were friends again" Renjun backed up immediately.

"Friends?! I meant more than that Jaemin" Jaemin smiled sadly and brought his hand up Renjun's cheek, softly rubbing the smooth skin.

"Friends" Jaemin said quietly. "I have to get ready, we still have to go to school" Jaemin dropped his hand and walked out. Jaemin speed walked to his room and shut the door. When he turned around he saw Jeno on the bed looking through old pictures and the one from the police station. Yes they sneaked some photos into their pockets when Hoshi and Mina were making World War three.

He had a cute pout making Jaemin to walk over and kiss him. "You look cute when you pout" Jaemin complimented as their foreheads were pressed together. Jeno smiled "maybe I should pout more if your gonna get rid of it like this" jaemin smiled and kissed him again except more slowly than the last one.

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