We carefully sprinted through black stone corridors, doing our best not to make a noise and draw attention from golems.

I cursed when the place was similar to Hell's Labyrinth with the walls constantly changing formation. The paths we ran moved on us, consistently pushing us toward the center with the lion floor. Going back was never the same way. A few times we narrowly avoided contact with the golems, which was bad for my already overworked heart.

"Damn it! Without a mapglass, how's anyone expect to know where they're going around here?!" I huffed when we took a time out to catch our breath. "My lady heels are annoying my arches."

"Did you just say mapglass? Where're you from?" Leinard was giving me one of his classic raised-one-brow looks.

"Dunno know if I should tell you." I replied, copying his expression.

"Ok, well confirm something for me Ganmo. You're a hiruda right? Where's the real Charlese?"

"I'm not a hiruda." I screwed up my face with outrage. "That orange cloud thing can be shrill glitter!"

My expression softened with thoughts of where the real lady could be. "I don't know. If we don't reach Trix, bust out of this place, we might not be able to find her."

"First we need to know where we're going." Leinard glanced around the area.

The path had taken us to an entrance of a squarish utility room, which had hundreds of brass tulip bells running even rows around the walls.

"A call room! I'm a believer now. You are a lucky charm," Leinard said excitedly as he crept toward the entrance.

We peeked our heads around the opening and saw two golems standing before a woman who was sitting at a rectangular table in the room's center. She was taking note of the numbers for bells that jangled on a long piece of parchment covering the table's entire surface.

So far, we were undetected.

"The bell for Tank 4-A is at warning. Two prisoners have escaped." The woman noted with an expressionless voice. "See to reclaim."

We crept away from the opening and hid behind some weapons crates stacked up against the wall.

The golems stomped past us and up a flight of grilled metal stairs.

"Okay, so this is the plan." Leinard briefed me on his thoughts.

I bravely entered the room and stood before the woman who was wearing the tanned uniform of an Illuminate Officer. By her skinny frame, soft skin and aged glasses still in good condition, she wasn't a soldier.

She was absorbed with the large diagram that covered across the paper. A quick glance confirmed that this paper was the level's map. Lenaird was right. I was one lucky bastard.

A second passed. Two seconds ticked by judging by the round clock on the wall above the entrance archway. She was still focused on the map.

"Ahem," I impatiently cleared my throat.

Her eyes went wide with shock and disbelief.

"Now you see me." I smiled at her. "I'll be taking this."

I scooped the map up into my arms, fighting off her protest.

"Apologises, but we cannot let you leave." Leinard said to the woman. "Really sorry."

He knocked her out cold.

We carefully dragged her to an obscure corner of the room, closed the door upon our exit.

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