The tea: Periodt

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Guysss i love kayliee like she was on live really havin a conversation with me. She was readin all my comments and stuff.

I been stated that i have no reason to have a problem with her so im not finna sit here and be a mad ass hoe for no reason.

But she really fuckin cool and interestin. The conversations was good and everythang. Thats my bitch!!

I like her wayyyyy better than Sahlt!

Btw everythang in this book about her is FOR THE BOOK!!!

And i know yall waitin on the updates but yall just dont know how many drafts i got now do yall. Yall just gon be sittin there bored as hell one day and then next thang yall know all my notfications gone pop in with a whole lotta chapters.

But anyways go check out my other book for nba yb and i have drafts saved for that one too so dont get mad cause it only got 4 parts and like 2 of em for characters.😂

But anyways imma start puttin questions at the end of every chapter if ion forget startin now:

Where yall from?
Im from Mississippi the 662😊

Thank yall for yall support cause we almost at 100k reads hoesssss

Thank yalllll💛💛💛

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