Chapter Nine : Fuck the Haters

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*Y/N's POV*

I woke to lots of light sheering onto my face. I was almost blinded. I had always loved light and I always wanted to be near it at all times but this was just plain irritating. 

I rubbed my head as I sat up. 

Wait. Dal, this isn't my room. 

Thanks for pointing out the obvious. 

You know sometimes you are no fucking help. 

Dalia sighed and shrugged her shoulders. 

I sat up more and began to take in the view of this room. It was beautiful. The walls were painted white, the sheets were white. Everything was white and pure. I noticed a white mirror sitting up against the wall in the far corner of the room opposite of the entrance for the room. 

Damn. I bet I look like complete shit. I thought as I got out of bed and walked over to the mirror. Only to be greeted with a person that didn't resemble me at all. I had brown highlights and my hair reached my butt. 

Jesus, what happened to us?  My lips were red and my eyes were a lighter shade of  golden brown. Then thats when I noticed one mark on each side of my shoulders. One was slightly bigger then the other but not by much. I stared at them through my reflection in the mirror. 

These are huge, who gave them to me?

Probably, whoever lives in this house, genius. Dalia rolled her eyes at my slowness. I rolled mine back at her. 

Dal, I wander if you still look the same. 

Of course I do. Just because your appearance changed doesn't mean mine did. 

I rolled my eyes again. My outfit was a white gown that came mid length above my knee. I twirled around in it and realized it wasn't my style. I began to wander through the drawers in the room and I saw my clothes. 

How did these get here?

I pulled out a sheer see through black top and a fancy black bra, black net, light skinny blue jeans and black heels and silver hoop earrings to match. I was feeling a little extra bad today and I didn't quite know why. 


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As I was admiring myself in the mirror my stomach started to growl. I rolled my eyes Dalia was so extra. If she wanted she could've just told me she was hungry instead of being so lazy she let my human Side of myself do all the talking for  her. I walked out of the room and I was greeted with a huge ass white stair case.

 I walked out of the room and I was greeted with a huge ass white stair case

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I began to walk down slowly and cautiously. Now that I think about it this stair case looks awfully familiar...when I reached the bottom of the stairs I turned left and there was a dinning room. As I continued to walk straight I saw a beautiful all white kitchen with an island. As I got closer I heard voices. 

"It's been two weeks...i'm concerned for her. Not to mention when she awakes her heat is going to be crazy." I heard an unfamiliar voice say. 

"Not that that is any of your concern, I can handle it." Now this voice did sound familiar. Dalia was jumping around to the sound of it. I was happy to. I felt safe when I even just heard a little of his voice. 

We must be at the Blood Wall pack's main house. I said to Dalia she just nodded in response  she was probably to excited from hearing Ten's voice it rendered her annoying ass speechless not that I was complaining. 

"You mean you and  Taeyong, can handle it." 

"Shut up." I heard Ten bark. 

What was he talking about Taeyong for? I thought to myself. 

Getting bored after hearing them talk about sports for fifteen minutes I actually started to get hungry and I wondered into the kitchen. Not caring if they saw me anymore. I was over waiting patiently. 

"Yeah rig- uh..."

 I looked over to my left as I reached the refrigerator to see a boy with black hair and pale skin watching me very closely. I stuck my head in the fridge and I bent over to grab some orange juice. 

"Take a picture it'll last longer." I stated. I stood up and closed the fridge. With my cup of orange juice I leaned over the kitchen island and I started drinking while watching nothing in particular. 

"Hey Doyoun- SHIT! Y/n, is that you?" I heard Ten squeal from half excitement and half jealously as he walked into the kitchen. 

"No it's Bambi. Duh it's me." I rolled my eyes and took another swig of my orange juice. Getting annoyed I walked past Ten and his friend into the living room to only be greeted with-

"WAIT! Y/N, DON-" 

18 people staring me down. 


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