Chapter Eight : Aigo

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I watched as Y/n passed out and landed on the floor at both me and Taeyong's feet. 

Shit. What have I done. I never meant to hurt her. I was just so blinded by- 

"WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU HAVE TO GO AND DO THAT FOR!" I looked up from my view of my true mate laying unconscious at my feet, my eyes met with Taeyong's and it looked as if he was just as upset about this as I was. 

"Why are you yelling at me! We need help. SECURITY!" I yelped. 

Doyoung and Kun along with a few others came running at my suspense. 

"What's happened?" Kun asked. He moved passed the crowd of people and scurried to where everyone's attention was being held. 

"We need help, she has passed out. We need to get everyone out of here and away from her as soon as possible. Like NOW!" I yelled. 

"But how do we-"

"NOW! Get everyone out of my damn house NOW!" Taeyong yelled.  

Everyone stopped at his words.Every last syllable that he spoke everyone was now hanging on to. They were all scared of him I could tell. The power imitating from his voice was enough to make even the strongest alpha appear weak at his knees. His alpha tone was always overbearing to others that weren't from our pack and that weren't familiar with it. It silenced everyone in the room. 

"Tell everyone to leave now. And find her parents too." Taeyong pointed at Y/n. 

She looked at peace almost. Like she was sleeping. I was scared for her. Now that I had marked her I could feel her, in ways indescribable. Of course I had marked her with a mate mark, not a seasonal mating mark, like Taeyong, but still all this means is that I would have to share her. 

I watched as they picked her up and carried her off into the farther corridor of the house. I watched her until I couldn't see her anymore. I looked to my side and noticed Taeyong was watching her too now. He was staring at where we last saw her before she disappeared into one of the rooms for medical purposes. 

Me and Taeyong had grown up together sharing each other's everything. All the training me and Taeyong had had over the years, could never prepare me for this.  For sharing my mate.

And I had to share her for 4 whole months. 


"I hope your happy now. Look what you've done." I said. I turned my back and began my walk towards the medical room of the house. 

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