Chapter 16: Bail me out

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'What can I say, I fucked this up again, What can I do, I took it out on you, I go around and make a mess of everything, I made a big mistake'

"Rise and shine, cupcake!"

Lilianna shot up in bed, her eyes instantly landing on the figure that stood in her bedroom door frame.

"You're going to be late, hurry that little ass up!" Mikale urged, clapping his hands together quickly.

"You could have been nicer in your choices of waking me up!" She rasped, her sleepy state showing through her speech. She swung her legs over the edge of the bed, snuggling her cold toes into her trusty flamingo slippers.

"Yeah and where's the fun in that?" He scoffed, flicking her bedroom light on in the process. "Your coffee is awaiting you downstairs. Be fast, Otis is on a tight schedule today and he is not gonna wait around for you."

"What do you mean he's on a schedule? All you guys do is laze around during my sessions-"

"That's not the point! Move it!" Mikale stopped her, closing the door behind him as he ran back downstairs.

Lilianna brushed off Mikale's odd behaviour and rummaged through her closet for the day's outfit. She finally settled on leggings, a cream white jumper, and a maroon infinity scarf. She stuffed her notes, tape recorder, and pink pen in her shoulder bag before trading flamingo slippers for white Doc Martins.

"Good morning, Anna!" Otis smiled once she entered the kitchen to retrieve her coffee.

"You two are way too happy to be the Otis and Mikale I know," She stated as Mikale slid a bowl of pumpkin spice oatmeal with pecans across the counter towards her.

"I made you food. Be grateful." Otis pointed his wood spoon at her as he turned back to the stove and dished out three plates of bacon and eggs.

"Thank you, Otis." She responded with an eye roll.

"You're welcome, cupcake." He smiled back. The front door opened and a few seconds later, Commodore appeared in the kitchen entrance.

"Good morning baby girl!" He smirked, sitting on the stool beside her and grabbing one of the plates of food Otis had prepared.

"Morning." She responded without looking his way.

"Someone seems a little grumpy today." He laughed, making Otis glare at him in response.

"Don't provoke her, you idiot!" Mikale warned.

"What? I was just-"

"Don't." Otis cut him off.

"Fine." Commodore sighed, eating his food in silence.

"Otis?" Lilianna finally spoke, looking up from her oatmeal.

"Yes, Anna?"

"What is on your oh so busy schedule for the second day in a row?" She asked.

The three gang members froze.

"Not much, why?" Otis answered with caution.

"Mikale said you were really busy today. I was just wondering what was going to be keeping you occupied during my absence. I know you did a lot of work yesterday. What's new for today?" She explained.

Otis' eyes cut to his brother. They looked into each other's eyes, speaking in looks. The anger in his gaze wasn't hard to miss. Mikale finally shrugged.

"Well, I am, uh, dealing with some other work-related things." Otis lied.

"Work things."

"Yes, work things."

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