[54: Zips]

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I always had nightmares about some demon playing with zips. It somehow creeped me out. In those nightmares, it would stick zips on to other devilish creatures and they would disguises themselves and go after humans.

Those zips would be the opening to open the disguises. Beneath it, you would find the creature.

One night, I shot awake. My parents were fighting in the other room. My dad was shouting, "Your company will never prosper! Everyone will just think that you're crazy!"

My mother broke down in tears. Not long after that, I heard my parents shouting and screaming for help. I rushed out of my bedroom and ran to their bedroom.

I saw my father lying on the ground with slashes all over his body. I supposed that my mother was still alive and ran all the way to the kitchen to get a knife as a weapon.

"Dad...," tears finally spilled on to my cheeks. He was gone. But I had no time to mourn. I had to protect myself.

Maybe, somewhere in this house, my mom was probably doing the same thing as me; trying to save ourselves from whatever killed Dad.

As I went back to my room, I quickly hid in my closet when I heard footsteps running towards my door. When I closed the door, I felt something shift beside me.

"M-Mom?" I knew it! She didn't kill Dad! She was here. Beside me.

I hugged her and she hugged me back. "I'll protect you here...,"she lowly said.

As I rubbed her back, my hand ran across something on her back. It felt really familiar. Was she wearing one of my jackets? And so, why would the zipper be on the back?

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