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I just watched LOTR, and I'm in a really fluffy mood, so this is going to be a fluffy one.

*Beep, beep, beep, beep*

You grumbled and rolled around in your bed. While blinking pitifully, you groped around for your alarm. There it is. You slammed your hand on the "off" button.

"Leggyyyy" You groaned and felt around for your recent husband. There was no one there. You heard the shower going off in the distance. How does he always get up first.

You both had been married for about 6 months. You gazed up at the ceiling as you memory of you recalled your relationship with Legolas before your wedding. In high school, you both were recklessly in love with each other. Many laughed or scoffed at it, but you both knew that your feelings were special. As soon as you both turns 18, you got married. Although it was fast, your wedding day was simply the best day of your life. Smiling, you turned in your bed and glanced to the one side of the room where your calendar hung on the wall. You looked at the date. You rubbed your eyes. It's Thanksgiving already?!

A month ago, your mom had said that you and Legolas should host Thanksgiving and that you both should bake the turkey. You had thought that she was joking until she called a couple of days ago asking if you had gotten the turkey yet. You had the turkey and the ingredients, but you hadn't started cooking. You huffed, rolled out of bed, and gave your head a good scratch. After sliding on your slippers, you shuffled to the mirror. You made a face when you looked in your mirror. You were particularly looking at your hair. That's going to need some work. Today is definitely a bad hair day. You opened the door in your bedroom and stepped out into the rest of your apartment. You looked around.

You called out, "Babe, are you there?"

The TV was on.


"I'm watching the parade, Y/N!" You rolled your eyes and tried not to smirk. Legolas just couldn't resist watching the Thanksgiving Day parade on the TV. He was huddled up against the couch with a blue blanket. His hair hung loosely because he hadn't braided parts of it yet. It was sticking up a bit because of the static from the blanket. He looked like Linus from The Peanuts. Smiling, you came up from behind the couch and wrapped your arms around him. Legolas shook slightly with light laughter. He shifted towards you and pecked your nose with a kiss.

"We have to get the turkey done sometime, y'know," you gently murmured.

Legolas shot up, "The turkey! Shoot, I almost forgot! I'll get the ingredients out while you wash up."

"Are you sure? I should do something-"

"I'm sure," Legolas smiled, "Anyway, there's no way that I can do this myself. You're helping me right after you're done." You smiled he's such a great husband.

You put on lipstick and then walked out of the background. At least that made you feel somewhat empowered. You walked into the kitchen and ran your fingers through your slightly damp hair. You sighed; you always hated it when your hair got wet.

"I still look like a mess," you muttered.

"You look like a brilliant diamond, Mrs. Greenleaf," Legolas complimented as he got out cooking utensils. He flashed one of his charismatic smiles at you. You smiled widely. Even though you both were married, you still felt a spark whenever he complimented you. His long, silky hair was pulled back in a ponytail. And that hair... Have mercy.

You chuckled and gently tugged at his hair, "Whatever you say, Romeo," you smooched Legolas. A print from your lipstick was left on his pale cheek. You smirked when he blushed, "Now let's get cooking."

***Time skip because I actually don't know how to cook a turkey 🦃 ***

"Whew, that was a lot," Legolas wiped his hand over his brow and fiddled with his Kiss-the-Cook apron.

"You could say that again."

Everything was finally done. The the turkey, seasoning, the table, the chairs, everything was done. You had to make a few quick stops at Walmart and the Goodwill, but everything was in order. You looked at Legolas and then back at the now-tidy kitchen. You scratched your head and then noticed something. Shoot, I forgot to comb my hair. I've been so busy... Hopefully they won't catch me looking like this. There's only a few more minutes until everyone is supposed to be here.

"I'm gonna comb my hair," you rushed into the bedroom.

"Be back soon," Legolas responded as you scuttled off.

You opened the door to the bedroom and left it cracked. Now where is that darned comb... You glanced around almost everywhere. It seemed as if it was nowhere to be found. You started to practically tear the bedroom apart to find the comb. You heard several knocks at the door. Shoot, I better find that comb. You started to fumble around. You finally found the comb and frantically tried to untangle the jungle that grew from your head.

"I've got it!" Legolas called from the other side of the apartment. You heard the creaking of the door. From the sound of multiple voices it sounded like everyone was already there. You became distracted and stopped to listen through the cracked door. This was your first Thanksgiving with Legolas' father-in-law, Thranduil. You also knew that your family could be rather interesting on Thanksgivings.

"Finally! We're here! We got lost... twice." That sounded like your father-in-law. Your heart started to race around in your chest. He doesn't seem like he's in a good mood.

Legolas tried to settle him down, "D-Dad, I'm sor-"

"Kiss the cook?! What kind of apron is that?!" That sounded like one of your cousins. Why is my family so obnoxious...

"Is that... lipstick?! Crap, that's Mom. Shoot, he forgot to wash his face...

"It looks like someone already kissed the cook," your uncle made a snarky comment.

"I-I can explain-"

Legolas tried to stop the chaos, but he was interrupted by one of your younger relatives, "He has really long hair for a guy..."

Thranduil started to raise his voice, "Is that a problem?!"

You pulled up your half-combed hair into a bun and ran out. Everyone seemed stressed. Legolas looked terrified as he quickly tried to wipe off the lipstick with his apron. Thranduil's temper was flaring. You had never seen your mom make that face while holding mashed potatoes before. You had to act quickly.

"Hey everyone, come on in! The turkey's getting cold!" You quickly ushered everyone in before you could say anything. It seemed like they all became distracted by the apartment for awhile.

You whipped around to face Legolas, "Legolas, I'm so, so sorry,"

Legolas hushed you and then gently took his hand in yours while squeezing it, "Everything will be fine," he whispered.


Everything did end up being fine. Although the turkey was close to being burnt, everyone seemed to like it. Thranduil even burped once, which was a shocker for everyone. Your mom, along with everyone else, flooded you with compliments.

As everyone ate, Legolas whispered in your ear, "I told you that everything would be fine."

You smiled as you held hands under the table, "You were right."

This was a great Thanksgiving.


WOOHOO I finished it. I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Please comment and vote!
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