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I looked down at my beautiful wife in a panic. How could this have happened? I'd looked away from the road for a moment, and now she lay, an unconscious angel in my arms. She'd asked me to look back at the road, but I couldn't resist the temptation of looking into her hypnotizing brown eyes.

My vision blurred and I wiped away the tears that were beginning to spill over. I was breaking out in a cold sweat. This could not be happening, this could not be happening.

I tried to distract myself from my panic by going into medical mode. My years in the hospital helped me to achieve my goal. I ran my hands over her body searching for anything out of place, needing to look at her as if she were anyone else. I needed her to not be the woman I loved right now, because if she was, it might just kill me. I pushed away those thoughts and continued my examination. Her right leg might have been broken from where the other car collided with her.

I winced at the memory and moved on. She had some major scrapes on her right arm and I had a feeling that there was glass that needed to be removed. There were some shallow scrapes along her cheek, and she was bleeding profusely from a spot just above her hair line. I took a deep breath and reminded myself that head wounds merely bled more than most.

The frantic husband part of me was slowly being calmed by my medical experience as the ambulance appeared. Nurse Cheney jumped out of the back and ran toward me with the stretcher. "Dr. Cullen, hurry. We've got everything ready at the hospital."

I picked Bella up and placed her on the stretcher and helped Angela lift it into the ambulance. Once in the back myself, the driver pulled a quick u-ey and headed for the hospital.

I was glad it was Angela in the back with me. She had been a friend to Bella since college and was working extremely hard to make sure that nothing was forgotten in taking care of my Bella. Her eyes locked with mine for a moment. "Dr. Cullen, are you hurt?"

I shook my head, unable to form any words at the moment. She nodded and turned all her attention back to Bella. I tried to help her, but she quickly had everything under control.

"Edward," Angela's husband caught my attention from the front seat. I hadn't even noticed that he was the one driving. "She's going to be okay."

"I know, Ben. Doesn't stop me from worrying about her, though." I looked down at Bella. I was relieved to see that her breathing was constant. I increased the pressure I was placing on her hands and prayed to some higher power that they wouldn't take her from me. They couldn't. I couldn't lose my Bella.

Angela's hand covered mine. I looked up at her, tears blurring my vision. "She'll be fine. She's already stable, Edward."

I nodded and gave her my best watery smile, "You're right, I know you're right. I just need to see her open her eyes. I need to hear her say something." I closed my eyes and leaned down to press my lips to her fingertips. Please, please, please, don't take her away from me. I have never asked you for anything in my life, and there is nothing in the world that can hurt me worse than losing Bella.

There are no words for the relief that I felt the moment that we pulled around to the back of hospital. My father was pacing in front of the door waiting for us. I hadn't realized that he was on duty tonight, but I felt that some of my prayers were being answered. My father would never let anything happen to her. He loved her too.

The doors flew open and he was helping me pull her out. The stretcher was on the ground for mere seconds before it was moving. As we were running her to the ER and my father turned to me. "Edward, you need to stay out here."

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