The Boat Ride (EDITED)

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Hagrid led us down a path which opened up to a magnificent lake. There were about forty of us, and ten little boats were perched against a wooden dock, tied on. Why were we travelling in boats? And where were my brothers?
"Righ' four to a boat." Hagrid said.
So we all staggered aboard, I ended up with a curly blonde headed girl, Scorpius Malfoy, whom I already disliked, and Hugo, I smiled at him and took the seat next him, while Malfoy shoved his way to the front. After only a moment, Malfoy began to boast.
"I'm a pure blood," he boasted loudly, "what about you?"
"Technically, I'm a half blood." Hugo replied.
"Hugo," I hissed,"that's Scorpius Malfoy."
His face dropped, whereas Malfoy's turned to a grin filled with malice. He began to mutter unintelligible words about filthy Muggles and Muggle Borns.
"What about you, pretty girl?" He asked, winking in my direction.
I glanced around and realised he was talking to me. I scowled at him, I didn't want to reply, but I should be polite, first impressions could sometimes be incorrect, maybe he was a good guy, the attitude could just be a facade to fit into his family.
"Pure." I muttered.
"I hope I'm in Slytherin. They're the best." He said, puffing his chest out a little as he said so.
"Well, my entire family is in Gryffindor so, I think they're better. And they were all heroes, so I think I'd rather belong with them."
His face dropped its smirk. "Potter." He spat."You were the one I saw on the train. You don't deserve to be called a pure blood."
I was about to reply with even more malice, when the most amazing sight met my eyes, there was the most beautiful and magnificent castle ever imaginable...Hogwarts. I wonder how many famous and powerful witches and wizards had walked those halls, sat in those classrooms and learned what I was about to learn.
I spent the rest of the trip over the lake in silence, watching the castle grow taller and taller as we approached. I got out of the boat in a daze, it was so huge, I swear it touched the sky. The forty new students stumbled from the boats, all whispering loudly about how beautiful and big it was. Sometimes I'm amazed at how much magic could do, but I've seen it in action, seen its true potential, but the Muggle Borns' reactions were definitely the best, they would exclaim that the construction of such a building would take years, decades even. I almost laughed out loud, Hogwarts was constructed in a matter of days, by four extremely talented witches and wizards. The four founders, Godric Griffindor, Salazar Slytherin, Helga Hufflefuff and Rowena Ravenclaw. The brave, the cunning, the kind and the clever. Together, they had made the most prestigious wizarding school known to their kind. Soon, they entered the castle, and were briefed by Professor McGonagall, she told them about the Sorting Hat, and how it works, and at last, they were to be sorted.

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