Everything's going to be alright [Zoro x Reader]

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I had this lying around, so I thought I might as well just finish it and publish it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

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"Don't you dare die on me," you grunted as you dragged Zoro's body uphill.

You could see the cave's opening from your position, and you huffed as his shirt slipped from your grasp for the third time.

You had lost sight of the rest of your friends long ago, everyone scattering in different directions to fulfill the duties you had been assigned: You and Zoro were supposed to go to the meeting point to make sure it was safe before anyone else got there.

That had been hours ago, but you hadn't been expecting the city to be filled with marines, nor that your companion was so easily provoked. And so, before you could do anything about it, you had been surrounded. The battle had been ridiculous, the marines outnumbering you in such a way that you still couldn't process how it had turned out in your favor; that is if you didn't count the one lucky soldier that had managed to strike Zoro on the side.

Inhaling deeply, you retook your hold on the green-haired man's shirt and continued your way up to the safety of the hiding spot.

You took off your backpack and your jacket, lying the latter on the floor to improvise a bed for the wounded pirate, and scrunched up your nose when he moaned in pain when as dragged him on top of it.

Trying to remember what Chopper had told you about taking care of deep cuts and wounds, you moved back and forth on the spot before actually stepping towards your backpack to fish for a roll of bandages.

"Okay, this is going to hurt... probably." You knelt beside him and used your hands to tear the side of his shirt off, exposing the cut and watching from the corner of your eye how his head tilted up and his mouth opened in a silent groan.

You unrolled the bandages, moving your hands to try and figure out the best way to actually cover the wound.

"Why don't I ever listen," you moaned, closing your eyes momentarily and breathing in deeply before wrapping Zoro as best as you could.

Sitting down on the floor, you rested your head against the wall, mentally and physically exhausted after all that had happened in a matter of hours, and stared at the swordsman for what seemed ages.

His breathing was labored, the bandages constricting his side and rubbing the wound whenever his chest rose, and he lost and regained consciousness every few minutes, muttering incoherently.


Your eyelids fluttered open, you freezing on the spot until you remembered where you were. You brought a hand to your face to rub your eyes; you must have fallen asleep at some point, that or your mind had just shut down due to extreme tiredness.

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