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Kurama talking in the mind
'Kurama thinking'
---------:Dreams and Flashbacks
'Memory quotes'
=====: Scene change

3rd POV

     The next few days of camping could only be described as...interesting...to Naruto.

     After the little group hug on Narutos's birthday, the genin were determined to learn about him, the real him. What they found was surprising.

     For one, Naruto was actually really shy. He wasn't the quiet type of shy, but he did feel the need to shield himself from everything. The others accepted this fact, and told him to open up only when he felt comfortable. This made Naruto happy.

     Naruto loved flowers. His favorite hobby to pass time was to weave intricate crowns of colorful flowers. Of course, the girls didn't mind this fact, and they often joined him in doing so. The boys gave it a try too, Kiba and Sasuke needed extra help though. This made Naruto happy.

     Naruto also liked to read. He told them that reading was a coping mechanism for him, and that it helped him take his mind off things. His favorite story was about a boy who befriended a dragon, and they had many adventures together (AN: 😏). He also liked to write his own tales, but they were all eventually burned down by the villagers of Konoha. This saddened the other genin, and they asked Naruto what his stories were about. After timidly sharing his stories, the genin quickly learned about Naruto's wild imagination, and Hinata offered to buy him a journal to write them on. This made Naruto happy.

     The Konoha 12 spent the rest of their time camping discovering more and more new things about their neglected friend.


As for Naruto...he was happy.


Naruto POV

     I sat on my bed in my empty dorm room, thinking about the past few days.

I can't believe it.....they..they really like me...

The thought brought tears to my eyes. The gravity of their acceptance of me finally weighing down. It seemed too good to be true, too good to be real. I was just waiting..waiting for me to wake up and realize this never even happened.

The trip

The truth


     I looked out the window and stared at the faintly glowing moon. We were going back tomorrow...back home.

To the villagers

To the broken down apartment

To the festival

..and to..

     I shut my eyes and held my head as the screams of villagers echoed in my brain. Their shouts piercing my ears as if they were in the room with me. I pulled my knees to my chest, starting to hyperventilate.

I don't wanna go..

I don't wanna go, please...

I don't wanna go back....

Ssshh kit...you're not there.

     My eyes snapped open, and I let out a breath of relief. Kura!!! Oh thank Kami you're back!! Kit, I never lef—I'm so sorry Kurama!! I didn't mean to yell at you! Please don't leave me again I'm so sorr

There is nothing for you to be sorry for.
B-but I—I told you that I wanted you to leave...that my life would be so much better....without you...I said so may mean things...aren't you angry?
No..I know my kit. You were understandably upset, no one could blame you. I've lived in you all your life to know that you would never really mean those things about me, and I would never truly leave you. Really? Really.

     I felt tears prick my eyes. All this time I felt so alone, I never really considered that Kurama was always there with me. He healed me, he comforted, and he was always with me. Suddenly I felt selfish. I felt ignorant of the fact that in all my suffering, I never recognized the one friend I really had. It made me more guilty of what I had said, but even though I said it he never left.

Kurama? Hm? Thank you so much thank you for everything....Of course my kit.

I smiled as tears of joy fell down his eyes.






I was totally right about how your friends would react and you were totally wrong. So ha!! In your face!!

     I laughed fondly as Kurama continued to brag about how totally right he was. If it were regular circumstances, I would've talked back, but right now it didn't matter.

I had my friends...

I had my senseis...

I had Kurama...

And that made me happy.

Just to clarify:

Just to clarify:

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