Alec fades

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A//N: Hey guys i wrote some angst so here it is.

"I'm sorry..."
He hoarsely whispered, with the battle around him raging, it was a surprise Alec heard and answered.

"Don't worry about it." Alec chuckled weakly, collasped on the ground.
His sister, Lexy,  and his friend, Oliver beside him.
Lexy kneeled next to her brother, tears already rolling down her cheeks, she was muttering mindlessly to herself.
Oliver's voice cracked with determination to help his friend.
"No, we already lost Chloe and Sammy and not losing you too. Paris help-!"
But it was too late. Alec was fading, and Oliver knew it.

What happens when you fade?
It happens when you use too much of your power and exhaust yourself to the point of death. Then you fade and become an Essence, mindlessly wandering the planet, stripped down to your most prominent negative personality trait.
Usually if people faded if they were able to regain their conscience and strength, they would come back.
But if they didn't, they'd either wander forever or die.

Oliver didn't catch it, but Alec whispered "Sophie.." Which was the name of his girlfriend, as his body dissolved into the abyss.

Oliver sunk to his knees.
'You've already failed.'
'Seattle's next.'

This time, he didn't fight the whispers of insanity that Coarse had cursed his conscience with.

He just wanted to curl up in a ball and go home. Giggling and telling jokes with Seattle. Watching his little sisters Andromeda and Raven put on puppet shows with her friends. How Andromeda got flustered whenever she was around Olivia. How he laughed with Seattle seeing them.
This entire quest was bullshit, and just a ploy to kill off everyone Oliver cared about.

The whispers kept flowing along with his tears, drowning the rest of the world out.
Alec was the one who helped him when Seattle ran away.
Alec confided in Oliver about his destiny.
Alec and him had gotten into an arm-wrestling match at a tavern when they first met.

"Oli!" The familiar voice of Seattle yelled. His eyes snapped to where they were. Everything felt echoey and far away. Like he had reached a higher plane of existence. He was in a state of Daze.

The battle that raged around him when Alec faded into an Essence was now dead silent. They had won against Diana this time, but for the cost of another member. He replayed the scene in his mind...

"You're fading yourself! Oli, Stop!" Seattle called out to him.

"Stupid bastard, what was he thinking?"

He was shocked to find those were his own thoughts, instead of Coarse feeding his brain with insanity.

"Creating the hivemind. He fought control over his army of changelings against those... Monsters... Turning into a dragon... It sapped his energy. We would've found another way..."

He shook his head when he remembered something else.
"The one invulnerable will walk alone."

So his destiny came true.
And it looked like Oliver and everyone else would follow.

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