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The Galra have been defeated, once and for all. The universe was finally safe. At least, that's what they thought.

The former paladins, along with the surviving Alteans, Tritonans, and few Galra allies, have been living peacefully on Earth. Although they've gone their separate ways, started their own families, and are living their lives in the way they should have long ago, they are still connected by heart.

Now, years later, a new threat has arisen, meaning the paladins must come together to stop evil from spreading throughout the universe once again. But there's just one small problem.

The lions of Voltron will not accept their paladins.

They don't know what to do, and they are running out of time. Until six teenagers step up to take their parent's places.

Grayson McClain-Kogane, son of Lance and Keith. Temperamental and grumpy, but will always be there to help his friends. Paladin of the Red Lion.

Eclipso Metara, son of Comet and Vrax. Sly and flirty, but still focused and ready to fight. Paladin of the Blue Lion.

Jeremy Shirogane-Wright, son of Shiro and Adam. Polite and kind hearted, but strong willed and brave. Paladin of the Yellow Lion.

Luna Holt, daughter of Pidge and Galaxio. Smart-mouthed and sassy, but can and will fight anyone that hurts her friends. Paladin of the Green Lion.

Celestia Metara, daughter of Allura and Nebulara. Caring and compassionate, but leader-like and courageous. Paladin of the Black Lion.

But where does Nova Metara come in? The daughter of Comet and Vrax, Eclipso's twin sister, has no lion to pilot. What can she do to help?

That is when they discover the final piece of Voltron nobody knew was missing. The White Lion.

As the wings of Voltron, the White Lion is a powerful asset and can only be piloted by one who has a pure heart, the one who lights the way for Voltron.

And it's paladin is Nova.

With the six paladins prepared to defend the universe, like their parents did before them, Voltron is back and ready to fight.

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