Oh Mah Lawd. *Part 1*

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Baha: YEEEEEEET! *waving* Hi everybody!

Danielle: Hey......Man, I hear all of you go all out with these truth or dares.

????: PIKA! PIKA!

Silver: WTF IS THAT!

Blaze: *looks at him* Silver. That's retarded Pika.

Silver: Oh.

Retarded Pika: PIKA! HIIIIIII. PIKA!

Sapphire: Ok....Well, everybody shall we get started?

Amy: Let's start with finishing dares from AmeliaRosetteRose

Her List:

I dare Rouge to steal the jewels in the mall and the master emerald

I dare Blaze to kick sonic in the balls😈

I dare Baha to destroy eggmans lair😈😈

I dare everyone to do the cinnamon challenge

I dare Knuckles to act like a chicken

I dare everyone to bitch slapped sally, scourge, Fiona, and Voodoo!!

•I dare Sapphire to kiss Infinite

•I dare cream to wear Sailor moon costume

I dare Taj to beat Sally

Rouge: Easy. Hmmmm....let's got to the mall girls!

Knuckles: She already has the ME and I can't find it! *huffs*

Baha/Jana: I'm better here!

Taj: Meh.

Zarina: As long as we go to the food court.

Sparks: Food for me!

Amy/Cream/Tikal/Blaze/Danielle: YES!

Jana/Baha: NO!

Boys: *sitting down eating popcorn*

Tails: Let's see what Rouge will do.

Rouge: *grabs Jana* C'mon...I promise I'll buy you the most food.

Jana: *perks up* Fine! Let's go!

Sparks/Zarina: WUT! I want food to!

Cream: Don't mess with Rouge.

Alex; Besides Sparks, I'll take you to MacDonald's later.

Sparks: Fine. *kisses his cheek*

Alex: *blush*

Zarina: -.- I. Want. Candy.

Amy: We'll but candy for you, Zarina. Don't worry.

Zarina: Yay!

25 Min Later:

Girls: *are back ready*

Baha: *wearing a bow in her head* I hate you so much right now Rouge. -___________-

Rouge: *ignores her* I got all the pretty jewels from an expensive jewelry store.

Danielle: What's next?

Blaze: YAY! *kicks sonic in the balls*

Sonic: OWIE! *holds uknowwhat* why must women wear heels....

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