Chapter 34

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Chapter 34


"So what do you think?" Declan asked.

"I think that sounds awesome, I'd just have to ask Nico to see if he lets me," I replied.  Declan had just been telling me about a show he was doing in New York City in a few weeks and he asked if I'd like to fly up with him and his boyfriend Jaime.  I'd be his paid assistant in setting it up, I could see first-hand how an art show is run, I'd stay for the opening and then I could either fly back the next day or stay for a few days to tour the art district with them.

"Well, I have a meeting this afternoon and I have to leave early, so I won't be here when he picks you up, but just call me and let me know, I need to know in the next couple of days.  If you can't come, I'll ask one of my other students to fill in  instead.  And if Nico has any questions, you can just have him call me."

"Umm...Declan...would he be able to come to if he wants to?"  Declan surprised me by laughing and I watched him with a confused look on my face.

"Oh, you don't know?" he asked.  He continued when I shook my head no, "Nicolas is deathly afraid of flying, you won't get him in an airplane unless you sedate him heavily first...which is not likely to happen, and I don' think there's time enough for Serenity to get you there by the date we begin setup."

"What?!  I...I didn't know...but he's travelled to Europe..."

"He's been to Europe, has spent the better part of a year there in the past, but he hasn't 'flown' to Europe kiddo," he replied.

I stood there in stunned silence as Declan went back to a painting he was working on.  I couldn't imagine Nico, my Nico, afraid of anything.  Granted, I'd never been on an airplane before, but it wasn't because I was afraid to...I actually looked forward to the prospect.

I wondered if Nico would let me go without him, I mean, it was only for about a week.  I knew he liked Declan and his partner Jaime too.  We'd had dinner together the last time we were in town and although Jaime was quite reserved and soft spoken, he was a really nice guy and he opened up once you go to know him.  He and Declan we very much in love and it was nice to watch them together.

I had already figured out, and Nico confirmed it when I asked him, that neither Declan or Jaime knew of our relationship.  As far as they were concerned, Nico was my guardian and that was it, or that's what Nico assumed.  They never asked and Nico never offered any further information.  It wasn't any of their business, he said.  I wondered what they would think about it, but didn't spend too much time contemplating two years I would be 18 and I hoped things could be different then.  Maybe even Nico would look at me as a boyfriend and not a submissive.  Is that even possible?

My mind was somewhere else for the rest of the afternoon so I soon ended up giving my brushes and tools a good cleaning instead of ruining one of my works in progress.  When I finished there I also tidied up the studio space to kill time until Nico arrived.

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