Bottomless Pit

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"What?" I was so taken back by his words I couldn't even express anything anymore, no feelings of emotion were able to be grasped.

My father's face was frozen, the only thing that was moving was his eyes as they drifted back and forth between me and Bellamy.

"I've said too much, forget it." He gets up, but I reach out and grab his arm, surprising both him and myself.

"Please, no more beating around the bush. Just tell me, who is my mother?"

He looks at me for a long, intense moment as if he was contemplating on whether to tell me or not.

"Her name was Irene." He tells me and turns on his heels, but I stop him.

"What that's it? Just her name, c'mon I need to know more. I deserve to know more."

"You don't deserve nothing." He snaps. I study him for a minute with squinted eyes as I chewed on the inside of my cheek. It was a habit whenever I was deep in thought and right now, I was trying to process a whole lot.

"Technically I do then cause that's a double negative." Is the stupid sentence I decide to go with.


"A double negative, you just said 'don't and nothing' in the same sentence which means I actually do deserve to know." I had finally outsmarted him and his face looked more lost than a stray puppy.

"Just leave me the hell alone." He rips open the flap to the tent and a yelp is heard. "Who are you?"

"I'm Jasper nice to meet you." I roll my eyes, Jasper must have been eavesdropping outside.

"Get lost kid."

"Someone's cranky." Jasper says looking over his shoulder as he walks in.

"Well that went well." Bellamy says, putting his hand up to my forehead. "How are you feeling?"

I push his hand away. "Never better." I follow my dad's lead and leave the tent, hanging my head low from dissappintment. Everything I've ever known to be true, vanished just like that. The mother figure I trusted whole heartedly growing up, the one person who I had full confidence in now was a complete stranger in my mind.

"Hey!" Cori runs up to me with Octavia.

"Hi." I throw on a fake smile.

"We are going hunting wanna tag along? I still gotta catch that squirrel before Bellamy gets pissed." Cori offers, seeming more happy than usual.

"Maybe some other time."

Cori frowns and Octavia grabs onto my shoulder, forcing me to look at her electric blue eyes.

"C'mon I miss hanging out with you."

The corner of my lips shift upward and I nod.

"Yeah sure let me just get my sword." I run to my tent and stare at my bed. I walk towards it, running my fingers along the top blanket. Everything rushed at me all at once. I felt my body go numb as the tears piled up in my eyes. I peeled off my t-shirt, staring at the long scar on my back that ran parallel to my spine. I began sobbing silently, feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders. I hadn't ever felt so alone before in my life, yet I knew there were people all throughout this camp that wouldn't leave me, but that was the problem with being on Earth. You never knew when someone you cared about would get taken out of your life for good.

"Maddie did you find-" Cori's voice entered the tent so quickly that I didn't have time to react. I quickly bunched my t-shirt together and wiped my face. "You okay?" I feel his presence behind me and I turn around, giving him a reassuring smile.

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