Chapter One

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"Ugh, I don't want to marry anyone in this class," my best friend, Lauren, moaned next to me. She folded her arms over the top of her desk and buried her face in them.

I rubbed small circles on her back to provide some comfort. I didn't blame her. I wouldn't want to marry anyone in this class, either. Well, except for one person.

My gaze flickered across the room to Elijah Porter, my boyfriend for over ten months now. When our eyes met, he grinned and held up a piece of college ruled paper in front of his face. MARRY ME? it read in big, bold letters.

Blushing, I grabbed a pen, opened my notebook and scrawled the words, YES, PLEASE! across one of the pages before ripping it out and holding it up for him to see.

Elijah widened his grin and gave me a double thumbs-up. Immediately after, his best friend, Dylan Myers, snatched the piece of paper from his hands. After reading what was written on it, he rolled his eyes, crumpled it up, and then threw it in Elijah's face.

Elijah and I exchanged exasperated looks before I returned my attention to Lauren, who was now fake-sobbing into her arms.

"Why?" she asked, her voice muffled. "Why did I have to get stuck in the class with all the losers?"

"Hey," I said defensively.

Lauren lifted her head to look at me. "I'm obviously not talking about you, dork. Or your boyfriend."

"What about Dylan?"

She made a face. "Dylan's not a loser, he's just annoying. I'd rather marry a loser."

I had no idea what Lauren's definition of "loser" was. It wasn't like the guys in our class were nerds with pocket protectors and eyeglasses being held together by tape. They were normal, just like us.

But I knew by "loser", Lauren meant there were no football players. It should have come to no surprise to her. The football players at our school weren't the kind of guys who thought too much about their futures beyond, well, football. They all had big dreams of playing in college and then getting drafted into their favorite teams. They weren't too concerned about anything beyond that. They certainly weren't concerned with anything we were learning about in this class.

Life Economics was a new class added to the curriculum this year. It was apparently a revival of the old Home Economics class they'd offered years ago. It was a class for juniors and seniors only, and the purpose of it was to educate kids on what to expect out in the real world once they became adults. Most of us only signed up for it because we assumed it would be an easy credit.

For the first semester, we went through a lot of the basics regarding budgeting, finances, job searching, etc. But our teacher, Mrs. Andrews, informed us before we left on Friday that things were about to get interesting.

Because today, we were all getting married.

The bell rang, and Lauren sat up straight in her seat. "I wonder if we'll be allowed to marry someone of the same sex?" She turned to me. "Would you marry me, Cassie?"

"I'm marrying Elijah, dummy," I said quickly in a hushed voice as Mrs. Andrews stood from her desk.

"Oh, that's right." Lauren pouted and slouched back in her chair.

"Okay, class," Mrs. Andrews said, silencing the room. "Today's the big day. Who's ready to get married?"

Most of the girls in the class cheered at her question, while almost every guy groaned in response.

"Here's what's going to happen," she continued. She grabbed a small bowl off her desk and held it up in front of her. "In this bowl here, I have the name of every girl in this class. Boys, I'll be having each one of you pick a name by random. Whoever you get will be your wife for the rest of the semester."

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