Greystone Forest (_itz_shifana)

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Reviewer: _itz_shifana

Author: CommanderEndorian34

Cover: I don't like it tbh, it's very messy and I don't know what to exactly but it's very dull and doesn't has anything which can pull readers in. Redo it completely, the fonts and colour are also a minus point. The two guys seem a bit outdone and messy, it's very bad.[0/10]

Description: It gives a hint about the story and characters, it does creates a bit mystery but it's very short. Add more things into it and make it enjoyable. [2/10]

Chapters review: I've read three chapters and seriously the grammar and sentence formation needs hell lot of work, at a point I felt like giving up because I was very confused with the sentence structure and the confusing dialogues. Being a boy briar should stand up for himself, now a days no one likes a character who is weak and doesn't has the guts to stand up for themselves. Personally I prefer strong willed characters but, if this has complete backstory then it can be understood.The chapters were of normal length but needs heavy editing. [3/10]

Activity of the writer:There were no comments on the book but, the writer replied to each and every message on their board.[10/10]


I was a bit confused at the start and I am still, there is a guy who's being bullied. A ghost who loves him and then helps him and it leads to certain events, I think there is a lot of improvement needed onto the story and the way it moves.

Overall advise:

Get an editor, re-plan the whole story so that it hooks the reader.

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