Chapter 2 - Caught Like A Fly In The Web Of Your Lies

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The cafeteria was shut about half an hour ago and we were all pushed into one of the lounge rooms to sit and talk. I had so much to say to Ronnnie. So much that I'd bottled up and only ever dreamt of telling him. Like the fact that I was now in a successful band of my own. When I last saw Ronnie, I was just getting settled into my small Hollywood apartment, looking for people to fill the slots for my band. A month after that, my old school friends contacted me looking for a singer and guitarist so I took the job.

As I let the words pour out of me like the rain always did in my home country - Wales - I peered around the room. It didn't look anything like the type of lounge that rock stars would hang out in. It looked too executive. Overly clean and tidy.The room didn't stay that way for long... Especially as Ashley Purdy from Black Veil Brides decided that whiskey was the answer to making the atmosphere crazier. I held back from getting a glass of it, even though it was my absolute favourite alcohol... I thought it might disrespect Ronnie if I did. It seemed as though even the whiskey wouldn't brighten up the room. It was too dull.

There wasn't much colour. White walls, grey carpets, cream leather couches. Even the black I wore made the room look more colourful.

A silence developed between Ronnie and I. The door opened just in time before I let things get awkward.... Awkward silences were my trademark apparently, I didn't mean to make it awkward though, it just happens that way ;)

A man with piercing blue eyes and a pale slim face poked his body around the door.  "Natasha?" he called over to me, gesturing for me to follow him outside. I glanced over to Ronnie with an apologetic look as I excused myself from the room.

I shut the door behind me, letting the latch click quietly before I let go of the handle. Even the corridor was more lively than the lounge room despite Ashley's prompts. A quiet flow of music trailed down the corridor as a man with headphones on walked past the two of us, leaving us as the only people in the corridor.

I pulled my attention to the figure. He was tall. Very tall. His almost stick like legs were covered with leather look jeans. He had a sleek skinny body. His hair was the darkest of blacks, in the middle of long and short. His smile was so warm that I could feel it hugging my soul and warming to my heart.

"What brings you here, Andy?" I raised an eyebrow, leaning against the cold stone wall casually.

Andy was the diligent and confident lead singer of Black Veil Brides. My band and I had known them all for almost 2 years now. They are our "Brother Band". We stick together. We've risen in fame together. We stand for the same things. This year they were going to be headlining Warped tour with us and I couldn't wait at all now.

He leaned against the wall on the other side of the door, crossing his arms, looking into my eyes. " Well... There's been a bit of a 'Bunk Situation'" he said flashing a grin at me.

"Ashley?" I rolled my eyes, not even wanting to imagine.

"NOT THAT KIND OF BUNK SITUATION!" he almost yelled in disgust, "Shame on you for even thinking that!" he joked, pointing a finger at me while shaking his head.

"Situations are irrelevant now..." I  teased Andy. I let out a sigh of relief before letting Andy continue. I really didn't want a run down of what Ashley had gotten up to with yet another blond chick.  So thankfully... Andy wasn't going down that road either.

"What I meant was..." Andy moved the conversation on swiftly, "There is 8 bunks and one small back bedroom on our bus... Since "No Tomorrow" and "Black Veil Brides" are sharing a tour bus, that means one person has nowhere to sleep... Do you know who would be willing to sleep elsewhere?" he asked, returning back to his usual tone.

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