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Inhui, with a small yelp, barely missed the big man himself as she dodged him just in time to see him crash land on the floor.

"Oh my God!" She exclaimed, kneeling down next to him. "Are you okay?"

Jin let out another wimper, now exaggerating his pain as he felt Inhui's presence beside him.

"Inhui, I'm in absolute pain!" He cried out, smacking the back of his hand against his forehead. "I don't even think I can get off the floor!"

Taehyung dropped down the ladder, dusting his hands as he knelt beside Jin. "Oh, I'm so sorry, Seokie," the boy slurred in his half-assed tone, smiling at Jin as if he wasn't very sorry at all.

He held out his hand, though, wiggling his fingers. "Come on, darl, I'll help you up."

Inhui stood up once more, while Jin, murmuring curses underneath his breath, took Taehyung's hand and heaved himself upwards.

As they both now stood, Taehyung whispered quickly in his ear, "Damn, Seokie, did you gain weight?"

"Shut it, bitch," Jin seethed between his teeth, dazzling a smile at Inhui as he gestured for her to start walking.

"If you say so, Seokgiant."

Looping his arm around Taehyung's, Seokjin gave him the dirtiest look. "You're lucky the girl's in front of me."

And off they sashayed too, trying a little too hard on addressing the way women walk, so instead of looking like beautiful young girls in band, looked similarly to two grannies with a hip problem.

But everyone was too busy admiring the scene of when they stepped out the train, bags in hand. The Busan sun glistened atop buildings, specifically on the beach just next to the station. People of all shapes and sizes flocked the streets, with dogs on leashes, conversing with others or simple bathing under the summer sun.

Apparently Jungkook had ordered a bus for the girls and himself, and there it was, looking quite nice against all the bulky Fords trecking on the roads.

"Everyone, get in—Inhui, I saw you peaking at that yellow-shirted buff, put your eyes back in your sockets!"

The girl only shrugged, laughing as she looped both arms around one of the boys and brought the boys into the bus. After getting inside, the driver led the girls to the other part of the beach.

Next to the golden sands stood proudly one of the most spectacular buildings both Jin and Taehyung have ever witnessed. White and gold turrets welcomed them at the entrance, the guards at the grand gates ushering us in on seeing potential guests.

The white wash of the reception building would have looked simple were it not for the gold swipes of bling-like texture scattered across the corners, giving off a classy vibe to the whole hotel. Windows, double glazed, we're all gold plated too to match the theme, and written as bold as Jin, was Park's Luxury Hotel at the front.

The driver parked the bus among all the dazzling Mercedes and Aston Martins, looking more like a recycling truck among the vehicles. Jungkook, after getting out first, called all the girls out, Jin, Inhui and Taehyung the last ones stepping down.

The girl's eyes never left the exterior of the hotel. "It's so darn beautiful," she breathed out, gripping her cloche hat with a dainty hand to prevent it flying off in the seaside winds.

The breeze didn't do much wonders to the boys' dresses. Poor Jin had to rush his hands to pull his skirts down, barely saving an ass flash.

Taehyung did the same, watching Inhui admire the riches the three of them dreamed of having. "Maybe that's why I can imagine you living in there," he said to her.

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