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The very next day, Busan saw the train of a rather irrelevant girl group sliding inside the station, steam blowing loudly to indicate its presence.

"Taehui! Seokyeong!"

Taehyung woke up to that voice, sliding back the curtains of his bunk to see Inhui, face exposing the excitement of a five year old child.

"We're here!"

The boy hissed at her volume, rubbing his eyes with his knuckles as he took in his surroundings, and with a start, lunging for his scalp to find the wig still atop his head.

Thank the Lord.


Taehyung flinched in his bed, hearing that drastic noise from above his bunk.

His shoulders then slumped. For God's sake.

He quickly leaped out the bunk, facing the girl with a strained smile.

Inhui was staring at Jin's bunk like she'd seen a ghost. "Gee, Taehui, was that a snore?"

The boy decided not to spare his best friend on his feminine act. "She may be the sweetest piece of candy in the jar but it's all gone when she's half dead."

"I slept like a log, but maybe it's cause of all that drink," she added, chuckling. "You've got no headache reaching up, do you?"

"No, no, I'm good," Taehyung said, even though there was a low throbbing underneath his scalp. "You know what, I'll wake Seokyeong up, Inhui, and you step off the train okay?"

"I can't without you two though!" She cried out, pouting. "Don't worryyyy, I'm right here, just climb on in her bunk and wake the honey up."

Murmuring an agreement, Taehyung grabbed onto the attached ladder, climbing up to where Seokjin lay asleep with his mouth open ready for any flies in need of a happy, and very stinky, home.

The boy looked back to Inhui, who gave him a thumbs up as she watched him slide into Jin's bed.

First, Taehyung tried to verbally wake him up.

"Oi, get up, we're in Busan."

Jin let out another lazy snore, and Taehyung seethed back, suddenly aggravated that he had woken up with a start, still tired while his friend slept like a dead man, not bothered that he's actually dressed up as a woman and developed the biggest boner for a pretty girl just the night before.

With all this frustration channeled into one action, Taehyung raised his hand and slapped Jin's cheek.

"Wake up, dicktwitch!"

The force of the slap had Jin's eyes snapping open, his face snapped to the side, cheek instantly tinging red. 

He turned his head to look at Taehyung before his face screwed up in pain.

"Oh fuck, man did you slap me?!"

Taehyung snuck a look at Inhui before leaning into Jin, making sure she was out of earshot.

"Listen, fuckface, keep it down, she's right there. Now get up before I throw you off this bunk."

Jin scoffed, an arrogant lilt to his smile. "You wouldn't, you wuss."

Oh, if only that fool hadn't tried his friend when he was cranky.

Because the next thing you know, Jin led out an incredible shriek, falling on his ass and receiving what he thought was a broken spine as he landed with a hard thud! On the train carpet.

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