Football Friday

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A few weeks went by after that night and things have been as normal as ever. Jack and I started officially dating, I got ungrounded, Dylan has punched me a total of 56 times, and all was okay in our little household.

Today, Friday, was our first game of the season. Ben was playing his first football game of his senior year and I was cheering my first game of my freshman year.

I trudged out of bed and walked down the stairs after my alarm blaring finally annoyed me enough to get up. I grabbed an apple and plopped down at the table and scrolled through my phone.

I noticed it was oddly quiet.

Too quiet for a house full of four boys and no parents.

I put down my phone and looked around, probably with a raised eyebrow because I was highly confused.

"Psssst..." I heard a faint whisper, coming from the living room in the next room over. I didn't see anyone, but I knew it was obviously one of my idiot brothers.

"Come on, leave me alone," I whined, slowly and very cautiously making my way over to where I heard the voice.

I reached the place where I heard the voice and there was nothing there, leaving me in confusion.

I looked around and saw nothing.


Just as I was about to give up, I was grabbed from behind and lifted upside down.

"Good morning, Babykins," Dylan teased. He was obviously the one holding me.

"Dylan, let me downnnn!" I laughed, crossing my arms as I was hanging upside down like a sack of potatoes.

He let me fall on the floor and didn't help me up. The others soon came downstairs and joined us for breakfast.

I went back upstairs and put on my varsity cheer uniform. I felt so special, I was the only freshman on varsity. Most of my friends were on junior varsity, so it made me really happy that my hard work payed off.


The whole school day, I was on the edge of my seat, waiting for my first game. My classes went by so incredibly slow.

In fourth period, my phone buzzed and I looked down to see I had gotten a text.

It was from Jack.

"Meet me by your locker in the B hallway :)" It read.

I asked my teacher to go to the bathroom and I made my way to our meeting place.

"Hi, beautiful. Glad you could make it," He smiled, leaning in for a kiss.

We held a long, passionate kiss when all of a sudden someone hit the locker with their fist RIGHT by my face.

"What the fuck do you think you are doing, Olivia?" Ben growled.

My heart was pounding and I managed to give him a sheepish grin.

He turned to Jack and pushed him away, telling him to get to class. He practically bolted away in fear.

Ben turned back to me and sighed.

"What class are you supposed to be in?" He asked.

"Well what class are you supposed to be in?" I asked, trying to avoid his question.

"I was coming back from turning the attendance sheet to the office. Now answer. my. damn. question," He demanded.

"Math?" I squeaked.

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