11. Back Where I Belong

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(Adrianna's Pov)

"Ughhh I'm so happy that were finally back together." I says while sitting in my princess room that Jack made for me.

We decided to leave the boys downstairs and catch up because it was well needed after everything that happened.

"Yeah me too. Jack already told us what happened and we pieced everything together."She says.

"Yeah. The way everything happened was quite funny though. In a wicked kind of way. We were literally in the same house together and didn't even know." I chuckled.

  "I can't believe I couldn't tell it was you resting on Jack's brothers shoulder. Talking about Jack's brotherrrrr" I wiggle my eyebrows and giggle.

"TELL ME EVERYTHING" I scoot closer to Lilly to make sure I don't miss one thing.

"Dadd... I mean Justin adopted me literally the same day as you. When I had woke up from my nap I couldn't find you so I asked Mrs.Ava what happened and she had told me you got adopted. I was crying nonstop and then Ms.Ava had called my name and when I looked up there was Justin." She smiled uncontrollably.

"Awww okay what happened after that?" I ask, deeply interested.

"Well of course I remembered the promise we made to each other so I gave hime hell. He's one tough cookie to crack though. I pulled a bubble river, I gave the silent treatment, hell I even bit the man. Nothing." She rolled her eyes then smiled.

"Kinda the same with Jack but not completely." I add to the conversation.

" Yeah well after that he brought me home and treated me so amazingly. Of course I acted like a fucking brat but eventually I couldn't do it anymore. He just loved me unconditionally and treated me like I was everything to him. Oh and also his punishments were a bitch." She giggles uncontrollably but then comes to a immediate stop.

Justin and Jack were both at the door listening the whole time. Welp I'm guessing Lilly's gonna get a punishment for cursing so much.

"Come one Lilly we gotta go home we'll come back soon. Plus we have to handle some things at home." He looks at Lilly with a smirk and holds his hand out for her to grab.

Lilly gives me a hug and kiss on the lips. Both Jack and Justin stare at us and we just giggle in return.

"I'll explain later." We both say at the same time.

Me and Jack walk Lilly and Justin to the door saying our final goodbyes. Jack closes the door and turns towards me.

"God I missed you princess." He rushes to me and picks me up.

"I missed you more daddy." I feel my eyes watering up.

"Shhh baby it's okay you're here now and that's all that matters." He wipes my tears away and kisses my forehead.

"I know I'm just really sorry. I acted so dumb and I hurt you. You treated me like a princess and did everything possible to make me happy and in return I pushed you away. From this day and on I'm gonna do everything possible to make you happy daddy." I smile and kiss him deeply.

(Jack's Pov)

My heart is racing.

She just kissed me.

Out first kiss.

I can't even explain how happy I am right now. I have my babygirl in my arms and that's all I ever wanted.

"You're amazing Adrianna." I kiss her again.

She giggles and looks into my eyes while playing with my hair. Gosh you don't even understand how bad I wanna please her right now. It's too soon though. I push the dirty thoughts to the back of my head.

"Hey can I ask what that kiss with you and Lilly was about?" I ask.

"Oh yeah that's just something that we've done ever since we became bestfriends." She replies.

"Hmmm I don't know how I feel about that" I say.

"Don't be jealous daddy it means nothing and plus I don't like girls that way. I'm strictly dickly." She giggles.

I would call her out on her naughty language but I'll let it slide because she's adorable and I can't lie it was kinda funny.

"Okay babygirl well it's getting late and we should get ready for bed." She nods her head and I carry her upstairs to the bathroom.

I set the bath up and give her a towel with some pajamas. While she takes a shower I go and quickly take my shower and then put on my pajamas sweats and a t-shirt. I wait for her to come out the bathroom. I pick her up and begin to walk her to her princess room.

I hear her whine in protest as I begin to open her door.

"Does my babygirl wanna sleep in daddy's room?" I ask her. I feel her nod her head sleepily.

I walk us back to my room and lay her gently in the bed. I walk over to my side and lay in the bed gently so that I don't startle her while she's half asleep. I pull the covers over us and pull her closely to my chest.

"Goodnight Angel." I kiss her forehead and lips gently.

"Night night daddy"


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