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      JAZEON NEVER THOUGHT OF HIMSELF AS THAT TYPE OF PERSON WHO WOULD Make at least a friend from Slytherin who wasn't Regulus

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JAZEON NEVER THOUGHT OF HIMSELF AS THAT TYPE OF PERSON WHO WOULD Make at least a friend from Slytherin who wasn't Regulus. Since then as the Slytherins won the Quidditch matvh against Gryffindor,

His fellow Slytherins has been getting rather close to him, wanting to be friends with him all of a sudden. And Jazeon wondered, why now? And like any other happenings in his life, it happened for a reason, a reason he would might never find out.

Jazeon was too oblivious. Being blinded. But he for sure could see that people has been wanting to be close to him, just because he won a quidditch match? Or they believed so, Jazeon believed Regulus won the match for catching the snitch.

But why doesn't Jazeon give himsf credits for all the good things he has done and not yet realized? Well, growing up, he was a rather smart kid knowing more things than he looked. Then he lost his parents and lost that knowledge and was replaced by depression And miserableness.

A kid wasn't supposed to watch his parents die, Especially watching the murderers murder them and him just standing being helpless. It Wasn't much his fault, he was passed out, nearly dead. But yet he blamed himself for his parents death.

Jazeon spent years mourning his parents death, he just couldn't accept the fate his parents had received. They didn't deserve it. No; They didn't deserve it at all. His parents didn't deserve death, they deserved everything good in the world, they were so pure and far too precious for this world.

Jazeon was pure and precious before too, before his parents died. Then scenes of blood, too much blood and brutality he saw. They died without mercy, and that pained him. He should be the one laying on the ground dead, not his parents.

He thinks he should be the one 6 feet under the ground staying dead while his parents be happy and have a baby or two and move on with their lives. But from how much Jazeon seems to consider that idea, anything for his parents to be happy and alive, it pained him.

One thing he disliked was being replaced. He had rightful reasons to. He once was accepted in a foster care, they were so kind to him, then they adopted another one, an arrogant piece of shit, so he ended up staying back in the orphan.

From how much that story sounds so dramatic, it pained Jazeon to think he was replaced. Was he not worthy? Was he not. . . Good enough? The few questions he asks himself that was left to be answered by particularly noone but the silence and blankness of the dark corner of his room.

And so when Jazeon actually made a friend other than the same persons he meet everyday. It felt good to at least have a friend who was in the same year and house as him, even as a dorm mate. He kept asking himself how the he'll hasn't noticed Caprico before?

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