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(Btw write some Laflams smut~)


Giggels and taunts of shoes had filled the empty, silenced hallway.

Frenchman, who was drunk asf, Lafayette was still giggling at everything while taking off coat.

"Jesus fucking Christ, Gilbert be calm." George Washington, his fiancé (oh fuck yes) said sternly.

"Non, papa~" He teased as he ran down the hallway, screaming.

"Jesus FUCKING Christ, GILBERT!" He hissed, attempt on running after him but fucking laces of his shoes hold him back.

He cursed under his breath and somehow managed to take off his shoes.

He sighed and went on search for Lafayette.

He went in kitchen, cuz he saw light from it, and almost fell dead right there.

Lafayette, sitting on counter, wearing heels, half dressed, drinking wine as his hair was covering his eyes.

All that with his stupid but sexy smirk on his face.

George gulped, still in aroused shock.

Lafayette smirked.

"Like something you see....papi?~" He teased.

George groaned, already hard from Laf's acts.

How the fuck can someone be so childish and then, for a secind, this H O T ???

"I..." George gulped again, nervous.

"Aww dont be shy...~" Lafayette pawed.

George gulped again but then his face stiffened.

"Your fucking right, imma fuck your brains out!" He grunted as he undid his belt for a sec, oh yes, THAT FAST.

George came to counter, and just pushed his fingers in Lafayette's hole.

"AHH!! PAPA!!" He squeled and moaned, almost came right there.

"Shut the fuck up. Imma fucking this ass for hours!" He breathed, pushing the second finger in his hole, making Laf to spill his wine.

"P...papi...S'il vous plaît baise mon doux trou !! Crue moi !!! PAPI !!!" Laf screamed at top of his lungs.

"Goddamnit-" George muttered as he took Laf's cock and began to squezze it and jerk.

Lafayette cried out and moaned.

"M-more!! P-please-" He pleaded.

"Shhh my darling, no need to beg." George said softily.

"Now, you have been good boy this days...perhaps...you need an reward?" He suggested while twisting and curling his fingers at Laf's entrance, making his eyes see white of pleasure.

Lafayette moaned and shook his head as yes.

"Words, babey. Need verb there." George smiled as he squezzed the head of Lafayette's cock.

With sharp gasp, Lafayette just bucked his hips but George pinned him down.

"Now, now...dont be bad...that is cheating." He growled as he nipped the flesh of Laf's neck.

Lafayette whined but then he spreaded his legs.

"Papi...please raw me. Make me see stars. Please papi, fuck me!!! Baise moi!" He pleaded. There was something in Lafayette's voice, making it go smooth but wrecked at same time.

And it made it lose all of George's nerves.

He rammed into his hole, making Lafayette gape at air and scream as he saw stars. Just as he wished.

"Tell me-...TELL ME WHO DO YOU BELONG TO!! TELL ME WHO OWN YOU!! TELL ME OWNS THIS LITTLE ASS, THIS DRIPPING HOLE?" George yelled at every thrust, sounds of skin slapping and yet he always shot on THAT spot.

Lafayette gasped.

"You daddy!!! I BELONG TO YOU!! YOU OWN ME!! YOU OWN MY COCK, MY BODY, MY DRIPPING HOLE AND MY ASS!!" Lafayette screamed, moaning as his muscles tightened around George's thicc cock.

"Fucking right, lil cockslut. You are fucking born for this. To fuck and worship." He hissed as his pounds went more roughier.

Lafayette, beneath him, was a panting mess. His eyes rolling, moaning, screaming his name. His breathing quickened as George took his cock and began to pump.

It all was just too much.

And he loved it.

The end


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