What's Your Name

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"Hello" = Normal talk

'Okay' = Though

(Mighty Action X) = Gashat sound

Critical = Finisher and Weapon sound

"I am here" = All Might Muscle form

'Welcome' = Sign

Henshin = Transforming

"900 KILOMETERS!?" Multiple members of Class 1-A cried out in shock as they were once again had their jaws dropped thanks to witnessing the absolute raw power of none other than Izuku Midoriya.

"Yay! That' amazing, I knew he could do it!" Ochaco cheered as she was happy that Izuku isn't going to be expelled thanks to exceeding everyone's expectations once again.

"Nice job as always Izuku-kun," Momo said as she crossed her arms.

However, the one that was the most surprised out of the group was Katsuki as he had his mouth open gaping at Izuku's magnificent softball throw.

"Deku, you bastard!" Katsuki said as he ignited an explosion in his right hand. He then ran towards Izuku head on as he yelled in pure rage,

"Oh crap!" Izuku said perpare to fight Katsuki even with a break finger which the other can't see cause of the suit he wearing

But right before Katsuki could even lay a finger on Izuku, Aizawa detained him using his grey scarf which completely immobilized Katsuki as for some reason the grey cloth just wouldn't budge.

"What the-? Why is your scarf so damn hard...!" Katsuki said as he grit his teeth as he tried to break free but to no avail. It also didn't help that he Quirk was deactivated as well.

"Because it is a weapon for capture made of carbon fiber woven together with metal wire made of a special alloy. Jeez, you kids keep making me use my Quirk over and over again. I have dry eyes!" Aizawa said as his hair was elevated upward and eyes were now glowing red signaling that he was using his Erasure Quirk to immobilize Katsuki.

"It's such a waste since his Quirk is so amazing!" All of the students from Class 1-A said simultaneously as they sweatdropped at their teacher's Quirk's lame drawback.

Name: Shota Aizawa

Quirk: Erasure- He can erase the Quirks of those he look at. The effect goes away when he blinks! Mutant type Quirk are Immune to Erasure and the Quirk won't work if his line of sight is obstructed from the intended target.

Aizawa deactivated his Quirk and let go of Katsuki. "We're wasting time. Midoriya you don't have to redo the remaining three tests since the results will be the same anyway. So to not waste any more of our time, let me redo my calculations and I'll reveal the results in a moment."

Izuku looked at Katsuki for a second and went toward the rest of the class as untransform and he left Katsuki in the middle of the field sulking.

After about 2 to 3 minutes, Aizawa was finally ready with the test results. He walked over to the group of students and said, "Okay, I'll quickly tell you the results. The total is simply the Mark's you got from each test. It is a waste of time to explain verbally, so I'll show you the results all at once." Aizawa clicked a button on his phone as a blue hologram projection appeared showing a list that ranked all of the students scores from highest to lowest. The results were as follows-

1. Izuku Midoriya

2. Momo Yaoyorozu

3. Shoto Todoroki

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