Paradox chapter six (with unknown POV)

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Chapter six

I froze there in place unable to move or breathe. Had he really just said those words? The words that would send me running into the farthest corner of my mind to hide away until I could answer his question. But I could answer his question, couldn't I? I could say 'I cannot love a guy with no thoughts, desires, memories....I can't love you when the very thought of being alone with you makes me want to cry, makes me want to run away to somewhere you'll never find me'

But I couldn't say that to him. If I said that he would know about my secret. I couldn't tell him about that....

"Well?" Falcon had risen from the ground and took a swig of Vodka. He came closer "I'm waiting"

I turned away from him "You're drunk" I said disgusted. "You expect me to love someone who spends their time drinking, alone in an alley at night where you could do who knows what"

I started to walk away but Falcon grabbed my wrist and pulled me back to face him. "You make me drunk" he whispered "Every time you move, every time you speak, every time you breathe" his words grew gentler as he went on "It's intoxicating to me"

He backed me up to the wall and twined his fingers in mine. He leaned his forehead against mine and where his skin touched mine it burned, but surprisingly, in a good way. As if his touch was something I needed.

"I..." I remembered Matt, his loving gestures and his loyalty as a boyfriend and his devotion as my best friend. "I can't do this"

He let go of my hand and pushed away from me, he slumped back down against the wall and downed the rest of the Vodka before I could take it from him. I was frozen inside and out. No way to move or speak or feel. Falcon looked up at the starless sky and pushed his hair out of his eyes. They were filled with a kind of emptiness that chilled you to the very bone.

He pushed himself up from the ground and began to walk away down the alley. My body seemed to have thawed and I grabbed his arm. I hadn't planned to do it but it happened "Where are you going?"

He looked at me then, his eyes seemed darker, not gold but a yellowy bronze. They were angry and hurt. "Like you care" he spat and threw the Vodka bottle at the ground where it shattered into a thousand sharp shards.

I let go of him and backed up a step or two. Falcon knotted his fingers in his hair and cursed. "I was going to just go but I guess I might as well tell you"

He glared at me with a sharp hostility that made him look even more frightening than before.

"I've been searching for you for a very long time, because I love you. I've never loved anyone more than you because you see me differently to everyone else. When I'm with you my heart beats faster and faster until I feel like it's going to burst out of my chest. I can't concentrate when you're around because I can't stop thinking about you. I wish I didn't have to feel this way but I do and It's not gonna change no matter what I want"

I couldn't bear to hear anymore so I turned to run but her grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, the toes of his boots flush with mine and his arms on either side of my head blocking ant means of escape. He crushed his lips onto mine and for a second I stood there stunned but when Falcon's intoxicating scent and his amazing taste filled me, up I kissed him back. The kiss was soft at first but heated as time passed. His tongue skimmed my bottom lip requesting entrance and I gave. The kiss was wet and urgent, full of all the right tastes and feelings. With our bodies pressed against each other I felt our hearts hammer in unison, like a juiced up jackhammer breaking pavement. My fingers knotted in his hair and his hands roamed, pressing against the small of my back, caressing my cheeks and his hands slid up my torso beneath my shirt and along the sides of my breasts-

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