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"We have to do something!" I shouted, running my hands through my hair as I watched Wynter bite her lip. Ruby was sitting down on the couch as Victoria had a gun pointed at her head. 

"I always knew you were a traitor, Ruby," Victoria hissed. 

"Your insane, Vic!" Ruby shouted. Me and Wynter shared a look before Wynter grabbed her phone. 

"Tam, I need you to call the cops. I need to go in there and distract Victoria while the cops arrive," Tears brim in the corner of my eyes as I shake my head.

"N-No, what if you get hurt?" 

"Tami," She grabbed my hands and pulled me to her. "Ruby is in there with a gun pointed at her, we need to help her." I nodded slowly, my hands shaking as I take the phone. 

"Promise you'll be safe?" 

"I promise." I leaned up and kissed her, my eyes closing for a brief moment. If only we could stay like this forever. 

"I love you Tami," 

"I love you too Wynter." She smiled and kissed me again before getting out of the car, her figure strolling towards the house. I hastily called 000, the police. 

"Hello, please state your emergency," I told them, my voice shaking in anxiety. On the camera feed, Victoria disappeared to the front door, Wynter standing there. My heart pounded in my chest as Victoria pointed the gun at Wynter. I have to do something...

"In!" Wynter walked inside and sat next to Ruby. The way Ruby glared at Wynter told me that we'll be in trouble when this is all over. 

"Good, the two people I've been wanting to get rid of for ages is together, however, I don't see that little mouse, Tami." 

"She isn't involved in this," Wynter stated, glaring at Victoria. I gulped as Victoria hit Wynter slightly with the butt of the gun. The police should be on their way... but I can't let anyone get hurt... no now not ever. I need to do something but what? My eyes squinted when I saw Ruby clenched her hands into fists as if she was hiding something... THE USB. Victoria seemed to notice. 

"Hand over that USB, Ruby or I'll shoot," no! no, no! 


"Fine," No! I lunged out of the car and towards the house, the police sirens blaring down the street. They might be too late! I might be too late! I pushed open the door, pushing away Victoria just as the gun went off. I glared down at her, my eyes blurry with tears. 

"Tami!" I heard Wynter shout as I felt warm liquid slide down my stomach. When I looked I saw blood. My blood. Darkness clouded my vision and before I blacked out, the sound of police officers barged into the room. Thank god...

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