The Train (EDITED)

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With Luna on my lap, Safetta quietly stuffed in my pocket, I waited impatiently for my Aunt and Uncle to arrive, I was excited, finally, after what felt like hours, but according to the clock was only two minutes, they came. With Rose and Hugo, Rose being Albus' age and Hugo being mine, it was his first year too! I was nervous though, nervous that I would be in Slytherin and be one of those nasty kids who think that they are better than others, that they are more important because they are pure bloods. I mean, my dad is half-blood, well, sort of. My mum is pure blooded, which makes me a pure blood. But I love the idea of Muggle borns, they fascinate me. The entire idea of being born not knowing what you are, and then finding ur about an entire magical world full of awesome creatures and spells. I wasn't going to be mean to people who had just found out what they are.
I don't know why I was nervous, but the excitement overcame that. How could I be a bully? It was ridiculous, of course I'd be in Gryffindor, how could I not? I came from a line of Weasleys and Potters. Some of the heroes of the wizarding world, although, I don't exactly know what they did. It's really confusing, whenever my dad goes to work at the Ministry of Magic, he always comes back, complaining about being too famous and something called 'The Chosen One' or something like that.
Shaking that off my mind, I walked over to the car, apparently, according to Hugo, it used to fly, when his father and mine were at school. Hugging my parents goodbye, Al and James joined me on my way to the car, smiling as they discussed all the really scary things that happen at Hogwarts, it made me shiver.
"Be good." My father said with a wink. I knew what he meant, 'Do whatever you want, just don't get caught', I smiled back at him and waved.
I took the sign that he didn't mean it, he knew what it was like at Hogwarts, and soon, I would too. Hugging my mum, she let out a muffled sob, I drew back and looked into her face.
"I'll be fine mum, I promise. Nothing is going to happen, remember, all the Death Eaters were caught ages ago." I said, remembering all the stories dad told me about the Death Eaters and Voldemort.
"I know it's just... All my are babies going off, learning all the things we learnt, I'll miss you." She said, hugging me really tight.
"I'll write all the time, Luna will find you."
"I know, say hello to Neville for us won't you? But don't call him that around the other kids, it's Professor Longbottom, remember?"
"Of course."
And with that, we left, I tuned in to my iPod, a kind of Muggle device that Uncle Dudley gave to me. He's not really my Uncle, but his family adopted dad, so, that kind of makes them brothers. He's really nice and loves to show us random muggle things and how they work, dad said he was mean once, but I can't see that in him. He's always so kind and funny, and I think he feels bad for whatever he did to dad.
It wasn't long before we reached Kings Cross Station, Hugo and I were so excited, we nearly jumped out of the car before it had stopped. But as it did, we were the first out. Grabbing a trolley and ignoring the stares at my owl and the other strange things I was carrying, I headed straight for the barrier between platforms nine and ten, I had seen this done so many times, and had done it with mum a couple of times before, I didn't need it to be explained, I just ran straight toward the barrier and let it take me to platform nine and three quarters, and there, stood the Hogwarts express, a giant, black steam train with smoke puffing up a short, black pipe.
I gave my trunk to a conductor, who put it on board for me and I walked down the train corridor in the first carriage, when I turned to see a blonde haired boy scowling at my red hair. I knew him, just by the description my brothers had given me, Scorpius Malfoy, the son of Draco Malfoy, whom my father hated with a passion. I gave him a sarcastic smile and flipped my hair as I spun around and quickly walked away. Apparently, his grandfather was a Death Eater, but they never found Lucius, or his wife. Draco was nowhere near as bad as his parents, but he hated Muggle borns with a passion, I had a feeling we wouldn't get along at school.
Finding an empty compartment, I slid inside, where my brothers and cousins soon joined me. Finally, I would be in on all the magical secrets of Hogwarts, I would learn spells and learn to do so many new things. I was becoming a witch. Just like mum.
It was dark by the time we arrived, we had changed into our robes and were beginning to walk with the crowd when a gruff voice called,"Firs' years this way!"
I had heard of Hagrid before, so I followed the sound of his voice. I came to stop at a humongous man, who smiled down at me with beetle-black eyes.
"That's you sis," Al said, giving me a hug, eyes twinkling, he had been following me, to make sure I didn't get lost, "We'll see you later." He said, before walking off with James.
"Lily," Hagris said,"you look just like your mother."
"Hiya Hagrid! It's wonderful to finally meet you. Oh, I can't wait until I get into my first lessons, don't you think it's just wonderful?" I gushed, letting all of my excitement out.

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