A Rider First Day

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"Hello" = Normal talk

'Okay' = Though

(Mighty Action X) = Gashat sound

Critical = Finisher and Weapon sound

"I am here" = All Might Muscle form

'Welcome' = Sign

Henshin = Transforming

In the Midoriya resident

Currently Izuku is preparing what he need for school, and his mother and Parad is helping him check.

"Okay Izuku do you have tissue"


"your handkerchief"


"Pencil and notebook"

"Okay, Parad are all the gashat it the briefcase" Inko ask turn to Parad

"Yes they all in there, everything is ready" Parad said, closing the briefcase

"Don't worry mom, we ready is what we dream of for so long" Izuku said

"Yeah and don't forget I be with him every step of the way, well inside him" Parad said

"Oh I know, I'm just happy for you Izuku, you finally going to your dream school and become and great hero" Inko said

"Okay mom, we'll be going now" Izuku said adjusting his ties on his uniform

And put on his backpack as well fist pump with Parad to get infected by him

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And put on his backpack as well fist pump with Parad to get infected by him

"Okay mom I'm off" Izuku said as he reached for the doorknob and opened the door

"Izuku" Inko said getting Izuku attention "You look amazing lucky"

"Think you mom, bye" Izuku said walking out the door and to the train station for him to get to U.A, it took half an hour to U.A, after arriving at his stop and getting off the train, then it a 5 minute walk, after arriving at U.A, he went inside and searched for his classroom

"Class 1A, 1A the place is huge it hard to find my classroom" Izuku said as he continue to search for his classroom

finally he found his classroom, the door was big with the letter 1A on it

"Wow the door is big, it must be for be who have enlargements quirks guess that make sense, I just hope Kacchan and that guy isn't in the same class as me, it be so annoying" Izuku said "you and me both Izuku" Parad said in Izuku though as Izuku opened the door but

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