Chapter 17

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Lauren's P.O.V.

Since we got engaged, Mani and I decided to officially move in together. The only reason I say officially is because she's pretty much been living at my house for the past five months anyway but now we've actually decided to move into a house. We didn't want to have our kids grow up in an apartment and with another on the way, I didn't have the room anyway and neither did she. We'd already been planning to move in to this house for a while so we finally did in September, or specifically, a few days ago.

Aiden loves it here. He loves the yard and how big his new room is. He's really enjoying the extra space it's giving him. Normani loves it as much as he does and she's ridiculously excited to decorate it, so excited she keeps asking me about different patterns and fabrics and a whole bunch of other bullshit. I love that she's excited but I don't care about the curtains and shit. She wants to totally re-do the house if you ask me but I'm totally fine with it.

Normani isn't really showing too much yet. Her stomach is still virtually flat and you wouldn't really be able to tell with her shirt on, with her shirt off it pokes out just slightly. We're both pretty happy about the kid and we've been thinking of names, she's been looking at furniture and has bought two baby books already, one for her and one for me. I'm excited as hell about this baby and I want to tell everyone but she doesn't want to say anything until she starts to show. But that didn't stop me from telling Ally, I just had to.

Aiden knows about the baby and he seems to be pretty happy about it. He keeps touching Mani's belly randomly and he tells us all the things he's going to do with his little brother. I'm hoping for a girl since we already have Aiden but I'll be happy either way. Aiden is actually out with Chris right now. Chris decided to take him to the batting cages and to the park to have a little fun. Mani is making me read this book about babies since neither of us have actually taken care of one or at least not for a long time. I think she's nervous about that.

"What are you doing?" Normani says as she comes into the living room and sits by my head on the couch. The book it sitting on the coffee table and I'm watching TV.

"Watching TV." I say and she glares at me.

"I asked you to read the book Lauren." She says and I roll my eyes
"I'm reading the fucking book. Can I take a break?"

"No. You can't take a break when the baby comes. You can't just say 'Well I'm done with the baby for today!'" She says angrily and I look at her.

"Will you chill? You're not even fucking showing yet."

"So what?! You need to know how to handle our child!" Why in the hell is she yelling at me?

"Mani a book isn't going to tell me how to handle my kid. It's trial and error." She looks pissed now.

"Trial and error? Trial and error?! Oh okay. Lock the baby in the car once, remember not to do that again. Drop the baby on the ground, remember not to do that again. Don't change the fucking baby! Remember not to do that again!" Holy shit. What the fuck just happened? Her face is as red as I've ever seen it.

"You really need to calm down." I say in a soothing voice and she stands, fists clenched at her side.

"You need to be more serious about this!"

"I -"

"NO! You're not and I need you! I can't do this by myself!" She yells then storms towards the bedroom, slamming the door as she enters. hormones start this early? If this is just the beginning...I hope I make it out alive by the end of this pregnancy. I get up and go to the door but as I turn the door knob, I realize it's locked. Fuck.

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