Chapter 15

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Lauren's P.O.V

Time can really fly when you really stop to look. Normani and I have been together two months now and she was serious about not caring if Aiden came on a date with us because he has at least three times. They've gotten even closer and I love it. He was so happy when we dressed up for Halloween with him. He wanted all of us to be pirates. I got him a fake parrot and an eye patch. He sort of looked like Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean. Normani had a pirates hat and her shirt was sort of ripped and she wore a black skirt with a fake hook on her left hand. I wore a white shirt with a red scarf around my head and a red skirt with an eye patch. The picture we took that day is currently the screen saver on my phone.

We went to Miami for thanksgiving to visit my family. We went to see Normani's family too and Aiden really loved being back home. He made us go to his favorite park and Breadstix, I'm glad he loves the breadsticks like I do. I also found out he used to live in Miami Heights Adjacent. The worse part of it to be exact. I drove through there and he showed Normani and I where he used to live. The place looked terribly run down and small just from the outside, I can't imagine the inside. Aiden told us he actually didn't have a room and he slept with his mother but sometimes he had to sleep on the couch when she had a man over. He didn't get much sleep those nights because he was afraid of the dark.

That new found information pissed me off to a new extreme and before we left I went looking for Camila. Since there's only two strip clubs, I went to both. She worked at the one closest to where she lived. No one has seen her though. They said they haven't seen her in months and figured she probably died of an overdose and her body hasn't been found yet. That poor excuse for a mother was a heroin addict. A fucking heroin addict! And she had my kid! I wish I would have known about him while she was pregnant because I would have taken him away from her the second she had him.

From the vague questions I've asked him, he doesn't know about the drugs and I'm thankful for that. The things I would do to that women if I ever see her again. I hate that she's the mother of my child. Mani tried to calm me down saying I don't know the situation or how she got to that point but I don't fucking care. All I care about is what she exposed my son to. Thanksgiving wasn't the best holiday this year but I know Christmas will be. I'm excited just to see how excited Aiden will be when he gets his presents. He already excites easily so that should be fun to watch.

Normani and I are even better then we were the first time. I can't even explain it but I don't think things could get better...well maybe one aspect. We still haven't had sex which sucks. Most of the time it's because Mani falls asleep, Aiden is awake or the one time we didn't have a condom and she just didn't want to chance a pregnancy. I was surprised when she told me it's not that she doesn't want my kid but it's just still early in our relationship and she doesn't want to move super fast. I didn't think she'd be thinking about having my kids yet.

Today he's going sledding with Chris and Ally so Mani and I will have some alone time, so maybe it'll happen or maybe not. Normani spent the night so she's in the shower right now. Aiden and I are playing a game in the living room. He made me buy a Mario game so that's what...he's playing actually. I'm kind of just watching him. I get up and go to my room and lie on the bed with my arms behind my head. I can't decide on what I want to do while Aiden is gone. Should we go out or stay here? I guess either is okay with me. I'll probably ask Mani. Who just happens to have just walked in, in just a towel.

"Do you realize how sexy you are when your hair is wet?" She glances at me as she walks over to the bathroom in my room. She cuts on the blow dryer on and closes the door. I close my eyes and after about 20 minutes I hear the dryer cut off and the door open. I see Normani come out of the bathroom completely naked and she looks at me while I look at her.

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