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Timeskip to Middle school--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Izuku had insisted on walking to school on his own. As a child he had decided that he would keep his quirk a secret from everyone. Though his quirk had changed him a lot he was still dreaming of becoming a hero in the future and so he continued to take notes, his quirk making a dramatic difference in the detail and accuracy of his notes. He took more notes on Bakugo than anyone else as Izuku could tell Bakugo was aiming for U.A. too. It was a test day and he did the same as he'd been doing since his quirk manifested, get a score that barely passed. This was partly just to suprise and annoy Bakugo when he found out that he was actually a super genius. Izuku had also been told by his mother to talk like everyone else and so Izuku became completely average to everyone else. Only Izuku's mother knew about his quirk and so to everyone else in the world he was just a quirkless piece of shit. 

Izuku was on his way back from school, he had fooled Bakugo into thinking he had serverely injured him when in reality it was just Izuku adding fake blood to his face whenever he was kicked away. Izuku walked past the park like usual but this time it was different. Izuku was walking back and he heard something different, that was the lack of noise. Everyday for the past three years a small boy was always on the swing and it would make this horrific sound every time it swung forward. But today Izuku didn't hear the sound of the swing he heard quiet sobs. He compltely analysed the sound and managed to discover she was female and roughly his age from the sound of crying alone. He could also tell something else was there but he couldn't tell immediately.

He walked up to her and asked her what was wrong she eventually said "I was just kicked out of my house" shakily. Izuku knew he could fix this situation. "Hey, i'm Izuku Midoriya and I think I can help you with that." "Really?" "Yup, I just need you to tell me why you were kicked out and where you live." izuku said reassuring her by sounding very confident. "My dad didn't say why and I live there" she said pointind at the mansion ontop of the hill expecting him to be shocked. However Izuku had already figured out she was rich from her clothing and accent. "Well, let's get going then"

On the way there she recovered and asked him "Why do you have fake blood on your face?" Izuku thought 'She can tell... Interesting'. He responded "Why are you faking getting kicked out?" She was shocked. 'He can tell... Interesting' she thought. "What's you're quirk?"she whispered thinking Izuku wasn't listening, but he was. "Lying to me and then trying to find out personal information, hmmm..." "Uhhh...s-sorry I-I didn't m-mean to c-come across s-so rude" she said, scared that he would now hate her. "I won't hate you and aren't there easier ways to look for a boyfriend, like tinder or something." Izuku said trying hard not to laugh as her face changed when he unraveled her whole plan. "Whaa... how did yo...TELEPATHY?" she questioned, her brain braking down. 'I want him she thought'

They were now at her house and she was about to walk in when she turned round abruptly and shouted "I'm Momo Yaoyorozu" and when she was about to close the door she found that she couldn't she looked and saw a foot wedged between the door and the door frame. It was Izuku's and she was happy about it. Earlier on when walking she had told Izuku to come into her house but he refused coldly. She saw a tuft of green hair poke out from the side of the door and she tried to welcome him in but the boy simply said "Not telepathy". 

Momo was now in her room devising a plan to meet this boy again. He was truly the smartest person she had ever met and she thought 'I must have for my own' She had memorised his school badge and she proceeded to check her description against all the local school's badges and she couldn't find a single match. She then ordered a butler to help her check the badge against every good school in the country. In reality, Izuku was going to Aldera juniour high, the second worst school in the country.

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