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⭐️Accepted books (Waiting list, updated):

1. To You, My Beloved by 2204491311w (score review *, Full Book)

2. KINDNESS by NazMel258 (score review, Full Book)

3. Alpire Agency: Agent 63 by adamantgirl27 (score review-5ch)

4. Searching for the king by LunaTree (Score review - 5 ch)

5. The Sun is Out by honeyspaces- (Comment)

6. The Boy on the Train Tracks by ImWeirdSoDealWithIt (Step-by-Step, 2 ch)

7. Accidentally reviving a serial killer by FutureWriterLA (score review, 7 ch)

8. Beneath the bottomless by DiGiTabchronic (score review, 2 ch)

9. You maid or toy? by Tissuu (Score review - 3 ch)


🌟Reviewed books (done):

1. Alfaaz! by SahikaD (Step-by-Step)

2. Raining upon the Fire by haseenahaneefa (Step-by-Step)

3. Carnivorous Cupid by StephRose1201 (Step-by-Step)

4. The Alpha's Cup by Rosapeace (Comment)

5. Noir by oenomelmoonlight (Step-by-Step)

6. Dark Prey by elsie-the-dweeb (Comment)

7. The Wife Hunter by Luna_Vaethenee (Score Review)

8. Beautiful by soap_king (Comment)

9. Moving on by _Too_Much_ (Step-by-Step)

10. Trapped in the ring by LUCKYL00 (Step-by-Step)

11. Classic Collision by gritikanojia (Comment)

12. Broken Wings by nira014 (comment)

13. Sweets by LillyMHenderson (comment)

14. Memento Vivere by infinitelyRadiant (Step-by-step)

15. Devil's vow by EraRexon (comment)

16. Super psycho project by MichelleManisha (Step-by-step)

17. The Possessor by Miriel_Oye (comment)

18. Tears in rain by lifeaskashvi (comment)

19. What if they meet again? by nira014 (comment)

20. Salient Affections by liveChic792 (Comment)

21. A Little Death by poetheticc (score review)

22. Perfect 10 by Jumping_Jiminys (score review)

23. What we left behind by stxrkissed (step-by-step)

24. The Popular Project by Her_Royal_Cuteness (Step-by-step - 1 Ch)

25. Living with a billionaire by Blackcupid196 (step-by-step - 7 Ch)

26. Sakura Eyes by naeomiiii (score review- 3 Ch)

27. Hunted Predators by kplums (step-by-step)

28. Rewrite the stars by Kirara_Uchiha7 (step-by-step - 4 Ch)

29. Born To Stand Out by XxLifeinBooksxX (step-by-step; 5 Chapters)

30. Grimoire: Paroxysm Blasphemy [Series I] by A_K_Villanueva (Comment)

31. A World With Its True Colours Shining by Apollo2983 (Comment)

32. Wolf child by TheNorthernEagle (Comment)

33. Chosen by dawn by bunnisangel (step-by-step, Chapter 7)

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