Chapter 14

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The group of boys had made it through the course in quite good time, there was just one more challenge to go.

It was a spider web.

Well, not really. But it looked like one. It was made from ropes, and the objective was to get everyone through the gaps without touching them. The gaps were at varying sizes, and once someone went through one, that one couldn't be used again.

If someone touched a rope, everyone would have to start again.

"Alright. I think Hyunjin or Woojin should go through this big gap." Said Chan, pointing to the bottom of the web.

"Are you calling me fat?" Woojin asked in mock offense.

Chan narrowed his eyes at him.

"Well, you could ease up on the chicken a little..."

Woojin looked horrified.

"I'll go." Hyunjin offered, stepping forward as Woojin whimpered.

"M-my chicken..."

Hyunjin stepped through the gap easily and smiled cutely. Seungmin stepped up to the spiders web, and Hyunjin gasped, suddenly remembering the meeting when Seungmin didn't accept his flirting.

He pouted. He wasn't used to being rejected.

Hyunjin watched as Seungmin gracefully jumped through a rather small gap.

"See that, tough boy?" Seungmin joked. Hyunjin then did something he had never done before.

He blushed.

One by one, the boys stepped, jumped and dived through the gaps. It was Felix's turn last, and all of the gaps that would have been easy to get through had been used. There was one more large one, but it was pretty high up.

"Uhh, can I have some help?" Have asked shyly.

"Changbin, you're strong, you help him." Hyunjin said flatly. Changbin looked taken aback.


He walked around to Felix. "Can Woojin help too?"

"I don't know, can I?" Woojin asked, smirking. Changbin pinched the bridge of his nose. Felix smiled.

Woojin joined them.

"I'll grab your feet, is that okay? Changbin could grab your shoulders."

"Yeah, sure. Do you need me to lay down?" Woojin nodded.

Once he was down, Woojin grabbed his legs, and Changbin grabbed his shoulders.

"Wow, this is really embarrassing. Please don't drop me." Felix laughed nervously. Changbin nodded slightly.

Felix looked up at Changbin with wide, cute eyes.


It was at that moment that Changbin saw Felix's freckles in detail, and boy, were they the most adorable freckles Changbin had ever seen. He gulped.

"I promise."

"3...2...1... Lift!" Woojin said. Changbin grunted under Felix's weight, but managed to lift him. Felix put his face in his hands in embarrassment.

"Don't move oh my god this is hard as it is." Changbin spluttered. Felix dropped his hands and apologised.

They moved towards the web as Chan walked up to the other side to grab Felix as he went through.

Changbin didn't know why he did it, but he leaned in to Felix's ear as he was passing him to Chan and Seungmin.

"You have cute freckles"


Chan had come up with the team name 'Stray Kids' when they were asked to name their groups. Turns out that these would be the groups for the rest of the camp activities. A few groups were disappointed with that, but the majority were pleased to be with their friends.

Felix wasn't paying an ounce of attention. He was staring at the ground, replaying Changbin's words over and over.

'He thinks my freckles are cute. He thinks my freckles are cute. Oh my gosh.'

He snapped out of it when a teacher picked up a microphone.

"The winner of the dinner privileges with a time of 27 minutes and 42 seconds... Is Stray Kids!"

There was a pause.

"Yeeeeaaahhh!" Minho and Jisung yelled. Some students clapped, most just looked jealous. (A little jealousyyyy)

The group high fived, even Changbin, who had a scowl on his face, but did it because Felix begged him to.


It was dinner time, and the boys were sitting in a separate room from the rest of the campers.

They were talking and laughing as the dinner came in.

"CHICKEEEEEN!!" Woojin yelled.

The staff members had brought in an entire box of KFC and cans of Coca Cola. One of them smiled.

"Enjoy, boys!"

Woojin shoved Hyunjin's hand out of the way and grabbed the biggest piece. Hyunjin put his hands up as if to surrender.

Woojin's eyes turned into crescents as he dug in.

The rest of the boys followed, Felix and Jeongin fighting for a chicken strip. They eventually split it in half.

As Woojin finished his first bit of chicken, he leaned over to Changbin, who was sitting next to him.

"I heard what you said to Felix." He whispered.

Changbin's face stayed neutral.

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"You know, down at the course!" Woojin said, louder than he had meant to.

"What about the course?" Minho asked.

"Oh, nothing, don't worry." Woojin replied, biting into another bit of chicken and looking away.

"What happened, Woojin hyung?" Jeongin asked sweetly.

"ChangbinmayhavesaidthatFelixsfrecklesarecute." Woojin blurted out.

Changbin clenched his jaw, grabbed a bit of chicken, and stormed out.

Felix's eyes followed Changbin the whole way.

"Oh, good one Woojin."


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