19: I love you so much

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"I just- why did they have to make it so sad?!" Scott mumbled, wiping his cheeks as he cried, shoving the remote away from him in a huff. "They- they were gonna go on an adventure and then she died!" He whined, looking up and causing me to literally awe outloud when I saw his teary eyes. I was kind of expecting Scott to be joking, but he was in tears within the first few minutes of Up.
"It's what happens, love," I tucked his hair back. "It happens to everyone," I repeated, only to have him shake his head.
"Mitch! You're not allowed to ever die," he mumbled, hugging me close as he hid his face against my neck and practically crawled onto my lap to be held.
"Well I guess it's good you're older than me?" I tried to joke and help him feel better and when he snorted and sat up, rolling his eyes, I smiled and pushed his hair from his eyes. "You are such a teddy bear." I stated. "You have such a big and beautiful heart and I love how sensitive you are,"
"Really?" I nodded, squeezing his hand. "Thanks.. can we not watch Up anymore? I don't want to be sad our first weekend alone," I nodded and changed the channel and when I turned back to Scott, he was on his phone and typing away. When he looked up again, his eyes were bright and he smiled. "Can we cuddle?"
"Of course," I got back into bed with him and he hugged me close. We got a hotel room for the weekend and while Wes was with Kirstie and Kevin, Scott and I had a few days to ourselves and I was more than okay with that. We ordered delivery and spent the weekend in our pyjamas- which was really just our underwear- because we quickly realised that there was no point in getting dressed when we ended up stripping each other every other hour.
Because it had been more than three years since we had sex, Scott and I got a burst of energy and I was actually surprised to see how much stamina we both had.
Scott collapsed next to me and instantly pulled me close; his arms wrapping around me as his lips peppered my face and his body hugged me close. I felt so safe and warm in his arms and I couldn't help but melt when he mumbled against my shoulder.
"I love you so much, Mitch," he said softly. "You're the greatest thing to have ever happened to me. I'm so blessed to have you back in my life,"
I turned and hugged him just as close. I tucked his hair back and he snuggled against me, his face against my shoulder. "I love how cuddly you get after sex!" I cooed. "I love you so much, Scottie. So, so much,"
"I love you very much, too," he mumbled back, kissing my neck. "I love you soo—" he rolled onto his back before pulling me ontop and kissing my cheek when I looked down at him. "— much!"
I smiled, tucking his hair back and meeting his beautiful baby blues, "I love you too, baby."


This chapter was kind of short.. should I post a double? Maybe even a triple? 🤔


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