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authors pov.

hoseok drifts off deep into his mind as he waits for his last high school day to finally end. he stares at the clock. only five more minutes to go he thinks. he glances over a taehyung to meet his eyes which were already set on him causing him to blush slightly and smile. taehyung smiles back and maintains eye contact. hoseok looks away, feeling slightly intimidated by the intense gaze of kim taehyungs and looks over to find jimin excitedly rambling about his plans for the summer and graduation party to yoongi.

hoseok perks up and immediately stands, grabbing his bag as the bell rings. yoongi, jimin, and tae all surround hoseok and jimin softly tugs on his sleeve,yoongis eyes burning holes into jimin.
"hyung we were just talking about hanging out today at taehyungies, wanna come?" hoseok smiles and nods at jimin. "of course i do!" taehyung laughs lightly at hoseok a response causing the others heart softly flutter hearing the smooth sound.

taehyung and yoongi talk as hoseok and jimin walk begins them, both of the boys watching them converse with glittering eyes. "look at you hyung, all heart eyes for taehyung still~ when are you making a move?" jimin whispers and wiggles his eyebrows at the older of the two. "aish, am not. and i'm not making a move." hoseok mutters loud enough for jimin to hear causing him to giggle softly as taehyung looks back with a bright smile, "pizza?" he asks.

hoseok perks up and nods making taehyung grin wider. "good cause hyung already ordered." taehyung says as he slows down to walk beside hoseok, his hand brushing against the slightly flustered boy. "o-okay taehyungie." he stammers out slightly and curses under his breath. "such bad words coming from those pretty lips~" taehyung teases causing hoseoks breath to hitch and look down as yoongi and jimin lead taehyung and him into the house.

taehyungs parents greet the boys as they walk up into taes room where namjoon and jin already lounging on his bed flirting with one another. yoongi gags and pushes jin off the bed nearly causing jin to argue with the other playfully.

taehyung pulls hoseok down onto the little sofa that is in his room, wrapping them in a blanket as he grabs the xbox controller. "wanna play hyung?" taehyung asks as he looks over at the other with a bright smile. hoseok smiles back and nods, unconsciously pressing against taehyungs side to feel his warmth. jimin notices their actions as the other are immersed in their own conversations. jimin smiles to himself and silently cooes, taking a video along with pictures of the two playing video games.

after a while taehyung and hoseok keep their noise down as they softly laugh and smile as they watch movies on the couch, the others fallen asleep. taehyung looks over at hoseok and hoseok meets taehyungs gaze. hoseoks cheeks blush softly as he watches taehyungs eyes flicker about his face. "hyung?" taehyung says lowly. "yes taehyungie?" hoseok whispers as his eyes flutter to taes lips briefly. "have i ever told you how beautiful you are?" he smiles, reaching over to brush hoseoks hair from his face. hoseoks cheeks flush in embarrassment. "beautiful is a word to describe a girl taehyungie." he mutters with pink cheeks, looking down at his laps as he plays with his fingers. taehyung chuckles lowly and speaks softly "of course but you are more beautiful than any girl that i've seen, if anything you are the most beautiful thing i've ever seen ever." hoseok looks into taehyungs eyes, his cheeks flushing shyly and he whispers quietly "t-thank you taehyungie, you arent s-so bad looking yourself." he teases slightly and taehyung smiles, beginning to tickle hoseoks sides. "tell me i'm the most handsome man~" says taehyung, "or i'll keep tickling you.~" hoseok gasps and squirms as taehyung climbs over him, hoseok giggling out "okay okay, you're the m-most handsome man!"

taehyung stops tickling him with a smug smile, "good~" he mutters as he lays between hoseoks legs. he lays his head on hoseoks stomach causing hoseok to comb his fingers through the soft locks. "goodnight taehyungie" he whispers as he closes his eyes, his heart beating fast as the other replies. "goodnight fawny boy."


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