(22) Former Leader

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        He had sailed through the air, a sudden thrill made him smile as he took in the delight of the view below him. The clear turquoise sky, reminded him of the sea, as rich in color and the nice breeze sent adrenaline running through his veins. The cotton white clouds floated and drifted past him like mist. Below him the view of the wide open ocean made him smile.

    Kain spun his lance in a wide circle so fast the wind made a howling noise.A small cyclone spun around in the air and slammed into the back of the ship pushing it farther than ever and propelling it further. He sighed and stared absent-mindedly in the sky.

   Soon. Very soon, I shall visit the place where I once was respected, but now hated. I had no control over my actions that day. But now I do. Having overcome the evil in my heart. Will I be loathed by my people, or will they finally accept my sincere apology and let me guide them towards a new future? Well, whatever the matter. I must see Saran first.

   Kain sighed. Remembering the awful actions he had committed. Evil and anger had taken him once his fellow kind, once the dragoons were enslaved and then - slaughtered. The evil in his heart consumed himself. His selfishness fueled by anger, made him kill many innocent people and made him lose the title of Leader of Vazguerd. Shocked by his own actions, Kain fled to the Deathlands and trained himself in the most harshest and severest ways. He had annihilated several armies of Velgar and earned himself a bounty of thousands of hundreds for his death. He could still remember the roaring hiss of the fire as it spread through the forest, how he rammed his lance through bodies and bodies of living, how the blood stained his blade, how it splattered across his hands. The evil look of pure vengeance in his eyes. And the great thrill he took in killing thousands of people.    

    Kain shook his head. Troubling thoughts leads to a distracted mind. And in battle, that will kill you.

       He sighed and leaned over the ship’s rail. Below him the view of Calarant came into view. He walked up to the wheel and turned it farther away from the city. The landing of a large ship, not to mention a flying ship would be a sight for sore eyes. Meaning, it would attract a lot of attention, and last he wanted was news of his arrival reaching Velgar’s ears.

  Kain steered the ship several leagues away from Calarant more towards the Paladias Mountains. Paladias Mountains, he thought to himself. The name itself was teasing Kain’s crime.

  Kain let go of the magic of the wind and the ship lurched forward and plummeted down. Lucky for him, Kain leapt into the air before the ship was destroyed by the enormous fall.

  He landed with a large crater forming around him, the impact send large amounts of dirt flying into the air, the earth underneath him was crushed by his might. Now, he just had to find the secret entrance to Vazguerd. And according to his knowledge there should be one a few meters away from him.

    The halls of Vazguerd. Were they always this long? A faint smile lingered on Kain’s face. It’s been far too long since he set foot in this place. Still. . . would they even allow him here?

  The brilliant light coming from the lanterns that hung overhead, pierced through the darkness underground. Afterall, Vazguerd itself was a large haven, a camp underground protecting it from assaults from Velgar and it’s long, labyrinth of tunnels connect it to several neighboring nations considered allies so they may send reinforcements and aid us. Vazguerd was a clan of elite fighters, warriors, people who lost homes and families to Velgar, and have enough hope to keep fighting. It was a united force of the weak, the poor, the rich, and the strong. With one common goal. The peace of Astrania. He had shared that goal, he wanted that goal. But his action’s didn’t bring peace to Astrania.

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