"Alas! They had been friends in youth. But whispering tongues can poison truth. And constancy lives in realms above. And life is thorny, and youth is vain. And to be wrth with one we love, doth work like madness in the brain" - Samuel Taylor Coleridge

I woke up to someone stroking my hair. I could feel their fingers soflty tugging on the messy acumulation of knots that had appeared over the past few days. I remembered i was no longer trapped on the airship, and that i was safely with Loki. I was laying on a cold, hard surface.

"huhh, Loki. Where are we?" I leaned my head back. Loki was looking quiet content sitting behind me with my head on his lap.

"Darling, we are in the seashore cave. Look around" I did as he said. There we were, right where we had been when we first met. I saw my camera and guitar tucked away in a corner. 

"Indie! My baby." I got off the clammy ground and rand over to my guitar. I swear i loved this cedar instrument more than i loved myself at time. He was still perfect, i had been worried that the cold could have split him. But alas, there he was right in my hands. There next to my guitar was the old camera my dad had given me. I picked it up carefully, it was like holding my family history. My dad had know i was not leaving for a short time, but for forever, and he had given me this to document my new life.

"Loki, Smile!" I pointed it at him, as i wound back the old film. Loki gave me a cute little grin, not a smile, but completely charming. "One more!" For this one he smiled ear to ear and i caught him in the midst of a laugh.

"Love, let me take some of you" Loki got up and took the camera from me. I looked at my body, i was dressed in my old clothing. I was in a flowy brown and light tan skirt, and i was wearing Lokis white button down as my top with a brown vest over it. I struck a silly pose with my guitar as loki fumbled around with my camera. It was obvious that he was clueless when it came to it.

"Like this" I took his long finger and helped him get the camera ready. "Now when you want to capture the image, you just.. click" I had the camera turned so i got a silly picture of us together. 

"This is quiet magical Draca." He moved a stray strand of hair from my face, brushing my cheek.

"I know, no one would ever do this with me... So Loki were are we going? I mean, im dressed up, and you look decent." Loki was wearing the most mundane of clothing. He wore a simple flannel and a pair of good fitting dark jeans. He looked like a model. His black hair was not geled back, instead it fell naturaly on to his face, and his green eyes shone brilliantly.

"I felt like i should get to know you in a new way, and that would require me to dress like a human. And i looked trough your old ipod, and it was full of pictures of a guy that looks like this. So i know this is your type. What do you think darling?" he gave me a sly wink.

"I think it is perfect." I pulled him in for a cute little kiss. "Now where is it that we are going?"

"Well i heard you are a singer, so i got you a gig at a little coffee shop in downtown Portland. You will be singing in a few hours. And i thought you could show me around the town in the mean time. I owe you a decent date, and i promised you i could make you fall in love with me. You are not truly in love yet." He moved in closer to my ear. "But you will be soon, you will be all mine." A shiver ran down my spine. 

"Well how are we going to get to town? i dont see a car and my guitar case is rather heavy."

"Dont worry sweetheart. i can take us anywhere, but first lets go on a little walk. it is stunning outside." He grabbed my hand in his, fitting mine perfectly. We teleported to the center of a nearby woods. Being in the woods reminded me of that boy i had met. My hand went to the area around my neck, there was a little carved wolf, it was obvious that the boy i had met had adored wolves. I fondly thought of him.

"Draca? Whats that" He pulled me closer to him and examined the totem in his hands. Then with a quick jerk of his hand he tore it off me. "You dont need this. I prefer you not have anything like this." he held it up close to my face "On you that is not from me. I find that fair. If i am courting you, no other can steal your attention." he slipped the wolf necklace in to his pocket, never to be seen again.

"But Loki, thats unfair! That was mine!"

"Shuush. you don't need things like that with me" He took out a new necklace, and slipped it around my neck. I looked at it, it was a solid blue heart that shone in the light. At different angles it turned green. It was stunning. But this did not make up for his rude behavior.

"Loki, what are we even doing out here?"

"I thought we could hike around for a little bit, and then we could go downtown." He said it as if it was not a question. This was what we were going to do, no questions asked. He took my hand again.

We walked into the woods, for the first time i had known him, looking like two normal people taking a stroll. He wrapped his arm around me, and i walked with my head on his shoulder. We were picture perfect. 

"I knew i did the right thing when i came to find you." Loki said with a soft voice

"Im glad i gave you a chance."

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