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Oh god– here it is again
We need a lot of holy waters

Jungkook went out to buy some things, and also some food so he wouldn't look suspicious about him suddenly going out and not bringing you with him.

You were waiting in the living room, a cake you suddenly found on the refrigerator, watching Black Panther. Then suddenly, you heared the doorbell echoed in the house, you instantly shoot up from your seat, the plate almost slipping from your hand but you managed to place it on the table in front of you.

You: Jung—

You say as soon as you opened the door but you were pulled into a kiss. The male dropped the paper bags on the floor, and closed the door with his foot. Mumbling a small 'hop' between the rough kiss, and you did. He placed his hand on your bottom as you hang your hands on top of his shoulder.

He travelled towards his room, the paper bags left in front of the door. He forced his tounge in your mouth, as soon as his touched yours, your tounge laced with his. The lack of oxygen forced you both to pull away and take a few inhales and exhales, catching your breathes. After a few seconds, Jungkook's lips is back with yours again. But soon needed to pull away because Jungkook threw you on his bed, he didn't hover above you, instead he turned his back on you.

But you didn't let him as you wrapped your fingers around his wrist, but he shrugged it off. Tears built in your eyes, your vision turning blurry, you didn't realize that Jungkook is back again, wiping the tears away, mumbling a small 'don't cry, I'm here'.  He placed his lips with your again, moving. But this time it isn't fast and rough, instead it's the opposite.

He pulled away, and made you sit up. Your eyes widened as he brought out something that looks like a cloth, but it barely covers anything except your chest and crotch area.

Your lust-covered mind didn't think twice and grabbed the cloth. Running to the bathroom and stripping. Jungkook sat at his bed, palming himself while thinking of you wearing the pink cloth. He let out a loud groan as you showed up in front of him.

The pink crop top that has a perfectly shaped heart in the upper part of the cloth, your clevage can be seen on it. Your erected nubs poking on the fabric. Jungkook's eyes travelled down.

Going to your pink skirt that hangs on your waist and ends barely in your mid-thigh. White high knee socks that has two horizontal pink strips on the top.

Jungkook's eyes flashed and lips curled into a smirk. He saw the white fury tail behind your legs. The hand that is once on his crotch is now up in the air, gesturing you to come closer to him.

When you did, you were immediately bent as Jungkook engulfed you into a deep kiss, his hand is behind your neck, pushing you more into him to deepen the kiss. While the other is already in your ass that is barely covered by the baby pink skirt. He suddenly squeezed it, making you moan in the kiss. 

It slowly went down, teasing you as his hand went nearer on your wet entrance. Going over it, rubbing your inner thigh. You unconciously whined, and moved your hips, only to get spanked.

He then moved his lips to your clothed nubs, giving it kitten licks through the fabric. Suddenly, a digit was inserted to your soaking wet entrance, a scream escaped from your mouth as you gripped Jungkook's shoulders, your knees almost giving up.

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