How could you?..

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Suicide warning ⚠️

Gavin shuffles through the crowd as he calls for Nines, everyone else was drunk since it was a huge party. "Nines! Nines where are you? We have to go dipshit!" Gavin shouts. He stumbles into hank as he sighs in relief. "Hey Gavin, how you holding up?" Hank says comfortingly. "Not so good. I'm looking for Nines, stupid Tincan said he was going to the washroom. You seen him?". Hank shakes his head. Gavin was on his last nerve. Stepping into the washroom, he hears sound coming from the other room. "A-ah. Nines, fuck...". "Is that bitch moaning my boyfriends name?.." Gavin thinks to himself. He heard low moans coming as well, almost sounded like Nines. He looks at himself in the mirror for a quick second, his eyes were completely red. His grey shirt was covered in beer stains and tears and sweat covered his face. As he bursts the door open, Nines looks back in disbelief. "I HAVE BEEN LOOKING EVERYWHERE NINES AND YOU DECIDE TO SLEEP WITH SOME FUCKING BITCH? HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO ME? H-how.." Gavin whimpers. Nines covers himself with a blanket as Gavin silently whimpers. "No, Gavin I- you need to understand it wasn't-". "Nines, shut your fucking mouth. Don't tell me she messed with your wires or some shit, it's always the same fucking excuse. I'm leaving" Gavin sighs as he steps out the door. "Wait I can drive you-" "the last thing I want to see is you Nines, goodbye".
As Gavin walks through the rain, Nines' jacket only covering him, he silently whimpers and cries. Hanging his head low, he makes his way to his apartment.
*time skip*

Nines always used to give Gavin baths when he felt, scared. Alone. He wasn't there to do that anymore. The cold water ran between Gavin's fingers as only the dark red light shined in the room. The beer bottle near the sink spills as a loud slam comes from the door. "Gavin! Gavin baby please don't do this to yourself please. Gavin!" Nines shouts. Tears cover his face as his eyes brows furrow, he's holding a photo in his hands. Carrying Gavin's leather jacket, Gavin could hear Nines searching every room, just to find nothing. He approaches the bathroom door as he quickly tries to unlock it, it's locked. Pounding comes from the other side as Gavin shuts his eyes and whimpers. "Gavin baby no! Open the door please. She meant nothing I swear don't do anything to yourself please! Your my everything I won't live without you!". Hearing nines say that without his monotone voice made Gavin heartbroken. The pounds slowly became fainter as Nines cried loudly behind the door, like his tears could leak in any second. The razor slowly cut into his skin as Gavin screamed in pain and cried. Nines shouted as loud as possible, everyone could probably hear it. "No, YOUR NOT FUCKING DYING GAVIN NO!! Open the door please! PLEASE d-DONT LEAVE ME PLEASE". Gavin continued to whimper as the bright blue water became a dark red colour. His cries became shouts of fear. His wrists of gold became blood of red. Nines slid down on the door, as Gavin breathed heavily. Nines listened closely as his black turtleneck was stained with tears. "You fucking left me...for nothing. For no god-damned reason!" Gavin shouted. The razor hit every inch of his arms as he cried, Nines cried as well. As Gavin's breathe became fainter, Nines' cries became louder every second. He pounded as hard as possible as the tiles from underneath the door became red. Nines stared in fear. "No, no no! Gavin open the door!!!!" He screamed. The door finally burst open, as Gavin's soulless body layed in a pool of blood, sweat, and tears.

This was a super suicidal one shot and I'm super sorry about that but I was in a super depressed "mood" today so, yeah I'm not gonna say hope you enjoyed cause who would.

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