Flower Child- Vikklan Parts 1 & 2

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Lachlan's P.O.V.

I leaned again my car as I stood outside the school, waiting for the ball of hazel hair to barrel out of the school and throw himself out me. He had a young friend coming over for a playdate that afternoon and he had been talking about it all weekend. It was plain to see that Preston really was his best friend.

When he did come full steam ahead out of the school, hand in hand with the smaller boy, I noticed the blue flower crown atop his head and smiled. Ever since Vikk had taught him how to make them he had been obsessed with them and was rarely seen without one atop his curls.

"Rarrrrr! Hey Robby!" I scooped him up into my arms and plastered his face with kisses, watching as Preston's mum followed the two boys out of the gate. "Hey Preston, hey Mrs Arsement."

"Good to see you again Lachlan, having a good time Preston!" He nodded, bouncing up and down beside me. "What? No hug?" She was teasing but he ran up and gave her a hug anyway before turning and tugging open my car door and climbing inside. Rob followed close behind.

I clambered ungracefully into the front seat and checked that both boys were belted up in their car seats before setting off, heading back home where Vikk was waiting. He had been editing a video, which is why he didn't come with me.

"-nd we're gonna go on the trampoline and we're gonna build and fort and sleep in it and we're gonna climb a tree-" Rob was rambling along in the back seat about everything he and Preston were going to do that afternoon and I knew I had my work cut out for me, especially since I didn't doubt that Vikk had some sort of sugary food for them for afternoon tea.

"Be careful when you climb the tree okay, don't go too high." Rob nodded enthusiastically but continued to plan, going over where they would build their fort. Preston was bouncing up and down in his seat, kicking the back of the passenger seat lightly.

Vikk and I didn't normally put any restrictions on them in terms of play, as long as they didn't break anything or take too many risks. We had worked out that if we let Rob run freely he would put boundaries on himself and not do anything stupid, rather than telling him not to do something and making him want to do it.

The method had come with some injuries and tears along the way but it had worked and he was a lot happier because he could push himself with helicopter parents worrying about every little move.

"How was school today boys?"

"It was good!" Preston piped up. "We made reindeer!" He held up a candy cane with googly eyes, a red pompom for a nose and pipe cleaner antlers. It was nearing Christmas and the younger kids classes were full of Christmas crafts and decorations.

"I helped Mitch make a crown!" Rob cheered, pointing to the blue flower crown on his own head. "It was yellow!"

"That sounds fun, is anyone hungry?" I said as I pulled in the driveway. Both boys cheered and I helped them from the car, both running ahead to bang on the front door and say hi to Vikk.

I heard a cry of 'daddy!' from Rob and I turned the corner to see the 5 year old hoisted over Vikk's shoulder and Preston giggling madly in the hallway.

"Dad! Help me!"

"Hmmmm, why would I do that?" I said cheekily, nudging Preston gently towards the kitchen as Vikk following with a squealing Rob still over his shoulder.

In the kitchen I saw a plate of grapes, apple slices, crackers and a few mini chocolate chip cookies sitting on the table, as well as two plastic cups of watered down juice. I sighed, at least that wouldn't get them too hopped up.

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