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PREVIOUSLY on Cutie Cutie Ghost Show:

* Anicentricity was born, chose a brand, started school, became a meme

* We had a fun night out at ANGELWAX

* In which Qynka fought a bunch of dumb boys

* And Qannen got fingerbanged in the bathroom

* Xannika got kidnapped under mysterious circumstances


And now, EPISODE 03. In which:

* We meet some cute boys (FINALLY?!?!)

* Qynka gets kidnapped on her first day of school

* There's a philosophic debate about a new menu item at Chili's

* BIG musical interlude, a show-stopping number, amazing dancing & singing

* We are visited by a being of unknown origin


PERSONAL BRANDS in this episode

(Besides Qynka & Qannen obvs)


The one with the eyes

The one with the hair

The one with the arms

The one with the smile

The one with the butt

Kessl8 - the bitch is back

Isabella_the_Ronin - she's tiny and semi-mysterious but extremely badass

Daddy - Daddy

Xannika - the aforementioned girl whom got kidnapped last time

Se7enJaw - holy sh*t this guy is so hot and brooding

extra_mar - agender lowlife hustler

Sertralina - nice attractive young actress who wants to contribute to Qannen's art

And introducing:

the [(void)]  - ???

the [(void)]  - ???

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