:Chapter 7:

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Meeting Lore was both a relief and a taunting feeling. The relief of having found my mate and having her so close to me. And a taunt of knowing that I can't have her just yet since she is a human and I have to work there.

But right now the biggest taunt was her in my bed. 'Well at least she's in our bed being covered with our scent which is a big benefit.' It was. It satisfied the alpha instincts within me that wanted to claim Lore so badly at any moment.

To pin her down and give her the mark that made her mine. A werewolf's mark was special in so many ways. From longing a non-immortals life to binding the mate. A werewolf didn't have a second chance mate so once you lost your mate, they were gone forever.

'The only way to find love again would be to fall in love, although it would never be the same.' It wasn't forbidden for werewolves to mate with humans. After all the wolf chooses who they want and the moon goddess sets things up for a reason. And the fates like to have a sense of humor.

But there was no forbidden relationship for a werewolf, the wolf chose after all. The species didn't matter from humans to even a fae. Although most werewolves mated within the werewolf species, although some strayed to vampires, witches and now the first ever fae with my brother.

'Before Noah there wasn't a single story of a werewolf mating with a fae.' Fae didn't have mates like vampires and werewolves, until Moon of course. Since then a few fae had mated to werewolves, not a long, but a few of them. But a wolf wasn't picky with their mate.

It was just rare for a human to mate with a werewolf due to old age. But the mark changed all of that. A mark bonded the mates to each other in an inseparable bond with only Death himself capable of severing it. But when they both died the bond was reunited again.

It was impossible to destroy, no magik out there could do it. If they aren't true mates the mark can be revoked, but never if they are true mates. If you cut the mark off it simply grows back. 'Which is why marking is such a sacred practice now a days.'

Well it always was, but even more so now. And most alphas ground instinct is to mark instantly to seal the bond. The control I had to exert around Lore killed me at times when all I wanted was her especially with her in my bed now looking innocent as an angel.

And I wanted her so badly, to place a mark on her, and to feel her underneath me. Which was how being around your mate at times could be both heaven and hell is bearing down on you. But I kept it in with a silver lock.

'Control is key and that is something I'll agree with you on, no marking Lore until she knows and is ready. Marking humans is a bit different than marking something else.' And we knew this because of Derik's human mate Lyric and her being marked as well as her side effects.

When Isabella was marked she didn't have any severe side effects besides occasional pains due to her vessel marking being a bit pissed off at the thought of having to share a body. But eventually the pains stopped. It was like a tattoo for her honestly instead of a marking.

Most marks were done the day before and the next day are healed and formed typically. Orchid's took a bit longer, but still healed just as fine. 'Well she was a witch and put some cream on it to help speed up the healing process according to Andrew.' I nodded at that.

Lyric on the other hand. Her mark took over a week to fully heal due to her being human. And she was feverish the entire time which resulted in Derik babying her the entire time. At the end it healed and formed red claw marks for Derik's birth pack.

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