Kiba's problem

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Weekend. We're just coming back from the cinema with Asia. In the end, I promised it to her before this fight with Riser. Asia looks very happy.

F/N: Did you like the movie?

Asia: Yes, it was great,thank you for coming with me!

F/N: You're welcome, in the end I promised you that, right?

The movie was about the mascot I bought for Asia while we were in the games room. I'm glad she liked it.However, I noticed that the rest of the girls are following us from the beginning.They were dressed in coats, fedoras and sunglasses, in short they stood out from the crowd. I felt their burning seeing on me. So I decided that before returning home, we would eat something in the city.

F/N: Hey Asya, what about ice cream?

Asia: Great idea!

We went to a small cafe, and I ordered us after a portion of ice cream. While we were eating, I saw the girls hide behind the bushes in front of the cafe.They could try harder, it looked ridiculous.

Asia: F/N...

F/N: Hmm...?

Asia: I am glad that you succeeded. I do not know what I would do if something happened to you...

Asia then became terribly sad.

F/N: Hey, do not be sad, i'm fine. Don't think about it anymore.

Asia:Well, ok... Do you work on your weapon?

Yes, soon after the fight with Riser, I decided that I must get some decent weapon, not just a chain.However, I had a problem with choosing weapon. At first, I was thinking of a sword like Kiba have, but I thought it would not fit to my powers.So I decided that I would have to organize something myself.

F/N: Well, it's going well... I hope it will be ready before another serious fight takes place again.

We finished our ice cream and went back home.When we returned to my apartment, Rias was waiting there.

Rias:Oh, I was wondering where you are.

Yeah, I suppose you did not follow us at all ...

Rias: I just came to tell you that the next club meeting will take place at Issei's house.

F/N: Okay, but something happened? 

Rias: No, just the school building will be cleaned up and we had to find a different place. Well, I will go, I wish you a nice day.

Rias smiled and went to Issei's house.But when she smiled, I felt that it was rather a forced smile and the atmosphere was so thick that it was possible to cut it with a knife.Together with Asia, we entered the apartment and began to prepare for tomorrow.

Next day

Day like everyday.Nothing special happened today.After the lessons, we all went to Issei's house.We sat in a circle in his room and listened to what Rias had to say.

Rias: Okay, this month we have... eleven Akeno contracts...

Akeno: Yes.

Rias: Nine Koneko contracts...

Koneko: Yes.

Rias: Eight Kiba contracts...

Kiba: Yes.

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