A/N: before reading the book

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Author's note:

This book is about two women falling in love with each other. This is the first book that I write in english - i usually write in french... - and I tried to make it as original as I could. I even tried to look for names that weren't used much, from other languages and cultures or names that are just cute, haha. The story itself is really ambiguous and I've never read anything like it on wattpad. I tried to add nouns, synonyms, sayings and lots of things that would make it feel less like an average girlxgirl wattpad book and more like something you would stop by and buy in a nice library.

This book isn't just about two women falling in love and sex scenes and make-out sessions and what not, though it revolves about the story of those two young women, but I tried to make it something more than just that. I added a few french words here and there - hopefully you wouldn't mind - some archaic english (the whole book's language is very easy to understand though). I tried to bring up - even implicitly - topics that are somewhat important, such as human rights, gay rights, gay pride, feminism and sexism, sex, love, hatred, forceful marriage... And throughout the whole story, I tried to constantly focus on the 'Elite' and the wealthy - as the two principal subjects of the story are both rich and live in an environment full of nobles, faraway from the poor - and how not everyone who has money is truly gleeful. And how sometimes, too much money can drive people insane.

I hope you'll enjoy reading.

R, xx

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